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ZywOo admits that s1mple was the better player this year

The star of Team Vitality since its inception, Mathieu ‘ZywOo’ Herbaut illuminated the turbulent year of his team and also criticized his own performance. In conversation with Esports KingdomThe 21-year-old prodigy wasn’t afraid to accept that Aleksandr ‘s1mple’ Kostyliev was the better player and anyone who saw the 2021 season would accept that.

Team Vitality had a good 2020, experimenting with a 6 man roster helped them the most and they won multiple trophies last year and were one of the more consistent teams in the online era. As of 2021, they were a shadow of themselves and won their first trophy with IEM Winter in December.

ZywOo was the tournament’s MVP, its first of the year, while its counterpart has already won 7 and may be on track for an 8th place if the BLAST World Finals are approaching. ZywOo got off to a somewhat disappointing start to 2021 and had its worst card in CSGO on Overpass in the early days. He recovered in the second half and helped his team get several top 4 finishes and also a top 8 place in the PGL Major.

“Of course s1mple is better than me this year, but I also had a bad year. I will do everything I can to get better next year in 2022. I know this year with COVID was pretty tough, we have to play from home, it was really tough sometimes. Sure, s1mple was better than me this year, I have no problem saying it, but I want to play better in 2022 and that’s it. ”

ZywOo Said

Vitality finally wins an MVP and an S-Tier trophy and is slowly coming back, but with roster changes almost confirmed, it will be interesting to see how the team fares after ‘dupreeh’, ‘Magisk’ and ‘zonic’ signed on as coaches . ‘shox’ could go after Liquid, while ‘Kyojin’ is pushed to the bank by the way things look too.

After winning the MVP in a post-game interview, ZywOo also claimed that due to COVID and playing from home, they couldn’t do as well as they would have liked. With the LANs slowly coming back, Vitality could peak sooner rather than later and we saw an even closer rivalry between him and s1mple, just as 2020 was neck and neck by the end of the year.

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