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Zodiark’s Fall Extreme Test Guide in Final Fantasy XIV’s Endwalker

Final Fantasy XIV offers fans different types of experiences – from story content to fun mini-games, as well as more challenging content for the players looking to polish up their skills.

The toughest content currently available in the game is Savage and Unreal Quests, while Extreme Trials serve as a fitting introduction to these challenging bosses.

The Minstrel’s Ballad: Zodiark’s Fall is one of two Extreme Trials introduced along with the latest expansion End converter, the other is Hydaelyn’s reputation. Since the second is more difficult, it is recommended that you start with Zodiark’s case.

In addition to hours of learning, practicing, and farming, duty rewards the best gear in the game in patch 6.0 and the Lynx of Divine Darkness mount. If you have not already done so, you will find instructions on how to unlock the obligation here.

The task isn’t as difficult as it is with Savage and Unreal content, as players can be successful without knowing the mechanics well. When a player knows which areas are safe, he can lead the others. There are only two stack mechanisms in groups.

On the other hand, it challenges the skills of the players in their chosen job with tank crackers, raid-wide attacks and an angry phase in which the group is wiped out if the boss is not defeated in time.

Here is the guide to The Minstrel’s Ballad: Zodiark’s Case, which explains his attacks in turn.

Zodiark’s Fall Extreme Test Guide in End converter

  • Cocytus: Everyone’s HP drops to 1.
  • Paradeigma: Summons birds. Stay with the group under a bird to avoid AoE damage while you stack for the next attack.
  • Styx: Five hits that need to be absorbed by the whole group.
  • Ania: Tank Buster, tanks are forced to switch due to a debuff inflicted on the target. It has a large radius, so the target must move away from the group.
  • Exoteric: If the form attached to the side is a purple triangle, avoid it by standing in the nearest corner. If it’s a red square, stand on the opposite side of the platform.
    • The first exotericos is always a triangle. Go near the triangle and watch the boss closely: he will either form a triangle or a square between his arms. If it’s a triangle go to it. If it’s a square, go to the opposite side. Both mechanics are resolved at the same time.
  • Paradeigma and Algedon:
    • Before going into the safe room, keep a close eye on the boss. It will go one way, either the southwest or southeast corner. It will wipe everyone in its path in a straight line, so identify the safe bird and stand on its outer half, near the corner of the platform.
  • Phobos: Group-wide attack and significant damage over time. Heal accordingly. If you have a white mage ask them to drop liturgy of the bell at this moment as this is ideal for this attack.
Screengrab through Square Enix
  • Exoteric and astral flow:
    • Astral Flow turns the platform 90 degrees and brings out two snakes. The snakes rotate with the platform and cause damage in a straight line, as in the normal test.
    • To survive, you need to find out where the snakes will turn and where Exotericos is safe. It’s one of the trickiest parts of the fight, so don’t worry if you don’t get it right away.
  • Ania: Another bazooka.
  • Paradeigma and Adikia:
    • Adikia is the same attack as in normal mode: the boss hits both sides of the platform. Hide under his head while you dodge the attacks of the snakes.
Screengrab through Square Enix
  • Darkness rises: Four purple balls appear as a DPS check. Destroy them all before Zodiark’s power gauge reaches 100 percent or you wipe them out.
    • After a while, forms are drawn up in front of the boss. The green diamonds do damage in a straight line so avoid them. The other shape can either be a triangle (where small safe points are near the boss) or a square (away from the boss). In the screenshot above, the safe location is just below the side of each triangle, almost on the edge of the platform and away from the center.
    • He will perform this attack twice. Any player who takes damage at this stage will fill the meter, so it is easy to wipe if you are not careful.
Screengrab through Square Enix
  • Astral eclipse:
    • This is the other tricky part of the fight, just like normal mode. The boss will go in three directions, making three attacks in a row. The platform is divided into nine smaller squares, like a tic-tac-toe. Look far behind the boss to see stars that represent the platform. The empty spaces are the safe places.
    • Think of it like a mirror: if the safe point is on the top line, it’s the top line behind you. In the screenshot above, the safe point on the bottom line of stars is the point marked with D. Don’t hesitate to put letters and numbers in each place to better identify where to go. It is better to wait before going to the safe place because if the second one is too far, you will not be there in time. Only the tanks can survive a hit.
  • Esoteric rays
    • Immediately afterwards, the boss creates three diamond shapes in front of him. Look at him to see which ones appear first as they will be the first to deal damage in a straight line. Go in front of the last diamond that appeared, then switch when the first ones dissolve.

  • Paradeigma and Astral Flow + Fire Line:
    • It’s not intuitive, but go under the Behemoths as the birds will replace them as soon as the platform rotates. Determine which direction the fire will turn. If you are below the line of fire, stand directly behind it. If it’s on the other side, stand on the other half from the fire.
  • Ania: Tank crackers.
  • Exotericos and Algedon: Triangle or square shape and line attack from the northwest or northeast (stand in the safe corner).
  • Paradeigma and astral flow:
    • This one is harder to predict than the previous one as snakes will replace Behemoths. You need to identify the safe half under the bird to avoid snakes which will cause damage after rotating in a straight line.
    • Healer, be prepared: if someone fails at this moment, you need to top them up immediately because Styx will come off right after that.
  • Styx: Stack and heal.
  • Exoteric Trimorphos: Three consecutive exoteric attacks.
  • Adikia: It will resolve shortly after the previous attack, so you need to run fast.
  • Astral Eclipse: Same mechanic.
  • Ania: Tank crackers.
  • Exoteric and Astral Flow with Snakes
    • First, identify the safe place of exotericos (triangle or square). Then the safe place from snake attacks. Finally, adjust your position according to the direction of rotation of the flame line.
  • Phlegethon: AoE areas appear three times under the feet of certain players. Dodge accordingly.
  • Styx: Stack and heal.
  • Exotericos and Triple Esoteric Ray: Square / triangle and two consecutive waves of diamond hits. The safe space is cut in half so you have to adapt.
  • Paradeigma: Birds and monsters, lines of fire. Stand under the monster on the semi-secure fireplace.
  • Phobos: Stack and heal the DoT effect.
    • The next attacks will continue in sequence until you defeat the boss or he goes into rage mode. If he does, it means your group hasn’t done enough damage in a given amount of time and you are mopping.

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