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Yorkshire Tea Xbox Controller Concept Is A Hit With Brits

Everyone talks about the pros and cons of a new console when it first hits the market. Actually, those pros and cons are discussed for decades afterwards. People are still arguing whether the GameCube was a work of art and if the PS3 was the exact opposite. However, one of the most important elements of a console’s design, and perhaps the element that generates the most chatter, is its controllers.

Since both Xbox and PlayStation have had more than two decades each to work on perfecting their respective controllers, odds are they’re about as good as they can be when it comes to actually using them. As for how they look, well, that’s something which can always be improved upon. It’s why the DualSense is available in various different colors, and also why someone has created concept art for a Yorkshire Tea-themed Xbox controller.


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No tea lovers, you’re not dreaming. Below is the concept for an Xbox controller as if it were made by the creators of Yorkshire Tea themselves. Well, actually, no offense to the good people of Yorkshire Tea, but they probably don’t know much about creating controllers. POPeART, on the other hand, knows an awful lot about what makes a controller look good, hence their ability to create a Yorkshire Tea-themed controller a lot of people appear to be keen to buy if it were ever to become a fully realized product .

Tea might be a beverage that is enjoyed the world over, but since the brand in question is Yorkshire Tea, demand for the concept to become a reality is largely coming from British Xbox owners. Tea-drinking gamers who want to show their love for their favorite beverage while enjoying Halo Infinite and Elden Ring beyond just sipping a mug of it as they play. They want their controllers to sport their colors proudly. Like a football shirt but the shirt is a controller, and the team is your favorite tea, so not like a football shirt at all really but you get the gist.

Creating a Yorkshire Tea controller wasn’t something POPeART did on a whim. As their name on Twitter implies, creating concept art is their cup of tea, pun very much intended. Inspiration comes from requests made by their followers and includes Dr. Strange, Kit-Kat, and even a Slim Jim design, with the latter two seemingly getting the attention of the creators of those particular snacks. You can check out all of POPeART’s work on their Instagram as well as at the designer’s website.

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