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Wordle Spinoffs For Everyone With FOMO Who Hates Spelling

Have you done Wordle today? For the last month, that has been the first thing I’ve heard from almost everyone in my life. My partner, my friends, my mom, I think even my two-year-old son wants to ask but he hasn’t quite nailed sentences yet. It’s the ever-so-simple daily word puzzle that came out of nowhere to fill the always-mundane period right after the holiday season. The game has gone so viral that it went from 5,000 visits per month to more than 45 million between launch, and it’s still-growing three months later.

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Even though it might seem this way, Wordle isn’t for everyone. Some people might not be all that adept at word puzzles, or maybe they don’t even like them. You might be so sick of looking at green and yellow squares on Twitter that you just don’t want to play Wordle anymore. If any of the above describes you but you don’t want to miss out on the Wordle phenomenon, there are alternatives. Spin-offs that don’t require you to guess a five-letter word in six guesses, or have a string of people waiting to brag about how they’re better than you on social media. Below are some of the very best Wordle-inspired Wordle alternatives for those of you who are sick of Wordle.



via Nerdle

If letters aren’t you’re strong suit, then odds are numbers might be your game. If you hate numbers too, well, skip this part as nerd is not for you. Instead of a word each day, Nerdle tasks you with cracking an equation. The twist here is you don’t know what any of the numbers or the operations in the equation are. Actually, you do know a couple of things. There’s always an equals sign, it’s just a case of figuring out where it is, and all the squares on the right of that sign are numbers with at least one other operation on the left.

There are eight tiles, and just like Wordle you have six attempts to correctly guess the day’s equation. If a number or operation is in the equation and in the right spot, it turns green. A correct number or operation but in the wrong spot turns purple. For example, if the day’s equation is 45+36=81, and you guess 72-16=56, the first six and the = will turn green, and the five will turn purple. Get it? I mean, I don’t, but maybe you’re smarter than me.

Globe And World

via Globe

Okay, so you don’t like spelling, you don’t like sums, what do you like? If you fancy yourself as a geographer, there’s a Wordle alternative for you too. Actually, there are two, and they’re both pretty tricky if you don’t know where certain countries are around the world. The first is Globe. You kick things off by entering the name of a country, any country, and that country will then be filled in on the map. The closer you are to the day’s chosen country, the darker a shade of red it will be. Best of all, you get as many guesses as you like.

world is a little different. Its spelling is so close to Wordle that your browser will keep trying to take you to the Wordle host site so just click the link above and go from there. The way Worldle differs from Globe is each day you get a different country, but you are actually shown the country. You have to figure out what it is by shape alone. You have six guesses, and each time you guess you will be told how far away the correct answer is and in which direction you need to head.

Squirdle And Moxle


If something, anything, exists, then you can probably bet a lot of money on there being a Pokemon version of it. There are Pokemon Oreos, Pokemon donuts, and even Pokemon milk. Don’t worry, that’s regular milk with Pokemon branding, not something someone has squeezed out of a Miltank. Anyway, of course there’s a Pokemon Wordle, and of course it’s called squirdle. Its database includes every single Pokemon, and when you guess you will be told if its gen, height, and weight are higher or lower than that day’s Pokemon, and whether you got its typing right.

Pokemon isn’t the only TCG with a Wordle. Magic: The Gathering also has its own spinoff called moxle. Moxle’s Magic Wordle clone is a lot closer to the original game. Five letters, six guesses, and it could be anyone or anything from the sprawling world of the Magic TCG, so pretty tricky. The right letter in the right place will turn purple, and the right letter in the wrong place will turn yellow.

Whether you hate Wordle and you’re looking for an alternative, or you need more than just one five-letter word per day, there’s an almost endless number of spinoffs out there to play. absurd where you have more guesses, but the word changes after every unsuccessful attempt. WordleOff which is like regular Wordle but you’re playing against your friends. Play them all now while you still can as once The New York Times puts Wordle behind a paywall, we’ll all move on to the next viral sensation.

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