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Wordle Can Be Played On Game Boy Now

Get your Wordle fix on Game Boy rather than waiting 24 hours for the next word to drop.


Wordle has taken the world by storm over the course of the last six weeks. If you’re one of the 12 people who doesn’t know what it is, Wordle is an incredibly simple word game you can play for free through your web browser. You have six attempts to guess a five-letter word, and you can only play it once per day. Everyone has the same word, and you only get one word per day. The limited capacity of the game, and that you have the same word as everyone else, is one of the reasons why it has been such a huge hit.

While only being able to play once a day is the reason why Wordle’s popularity has risen to 900, 900 percent in three months, a lot of people can’t bear being left wanting more. Some made Wordle clones in an attempt to make a quick buck on iOS and Android, having their duplicates removed. However, ghidraninja on Twitter instead went about turning Worlde into a playable Game Boy game.


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Ghidraninja’s project has been a success, and you can indeed now play their version of Wordle on an original Game Boy. You can play the Game Boy version of the browser game without the classic handheld console, or you can download the ROM and fire it up on an actual Game Boy using a flash cart. It looks pretty great, but ghidraninja openly admits Game Boy’s Wordle doesn’t have quite as deep a word roster as the original version.

“I couldn’t fit in a big wordlist of ‘real’ words,” they admit. “Instead I’m using a bloom filter to check (with, admittedly, currently a very high error-rate) whether an entered word is one of the 8000 most common English words.” A small price to pay for those of you who complete your daily Wordle as soon as you wake up in the morning and then have to wait 24 hours before you can play it again.

The original Wordle was made by one man, Matt Wardle, who has already cashed in on his viral sensation. The New York Times paid Wardle a seven-figure sum for the rights to the game last week, revealing it will remain free-to-play for now. That’s right, you might soon have to pay for Wordle, at which point its popularity will likely fall off a cliff and we’ll all move on to the next big thing.

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