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Where to find azaleas in Minecraft

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As part of the two-part release of the Caves and Cliffs update for MinecraftWe were introduced to several new biomes, blocks, and forms of terrain generation. One of these new blocks is the Azalea, a flowing plant that you can use to decorate your world. There are four different variants of Azalea Blocks that you will encounter, but getting them all is pretty easy.

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In this guide we will go over it Everything you need to know about azaleas, including where they occur naturally in the world and what you can do with them. First, let’s look at how to get azaleas.

Naturally generated azaleas

Player looking at azaleas through a small lush cave

Azaleas can be found within the lush cave biome. This is a biome that can be found at any elevation underground and will contain azaleas for you to find Harvest without tools. If there are glowing berries, you can easily spot this biome due to the low light.


Make azaleas from moss

split image of a moss block before and after adding bonemeal, which disperses the moss

Azaleas can also be obtained by using Bone Meal on Moss. Bone Meal is an item you can obtain from Compost or Bones, which speeds up the growth of plants. When added to a moss block, the Moss spreads around the area, forming Azalea Bushes, Grass, Moss Carpets, and additional Moss.

Unlike normal grass, Moss can spread onto rocky blocks. In the image above you can see a single moss block placed on a stone surface. When Bone Meal is added, the moss will turn the surrounding rock into moss as well.

Top: If you want to quickly dig down to bedrock, try using moss blocks to dig your way down. Moss degrades faster than rocky blocks, so you can turn the stones into moss and then quickly remove them.

Azalea Block Variations

all four variants of azaleas labeled

As already mentioned, there is four variations of azalea blocks. Flowering azaleas and normal azaleas are essentially bushes. These are the variations you can found in the lush caves or use bone meal on moss. Flowering azaleas work similarly to flower; Bees will pollinate this flowering bush when they are around.

Azalea Leaves and Flowering Azalea Leaves can only be obtained from fully grown Azalea Trees. In order to collect these blocks, you must trim the tree with scissors or harvest them with a tool enchanted with silk touch.

Growing an Azalea Tree

Azalea tree with mountain in the background

Azalea trees will not grow naturally in the world. Instead you have to Add bone meal to a smaller azalea bush. Bone Meal has a 45% chance of growing the Azalea into a full tree shown above.

Although there are two variants of the azalea, the tree will not be affected. Regardless of which variety of azalea you use to grow a tree, it will look the same. If you cut down the azalea tree you will get oak trunks.

Azaleas in flower pots

two azaleas planted in flower pots

Last, Azaleas can be placed in flower pots. Above are the two azalea variations in pots, with a smaller appearance. This is purely for decoration; Azaleas cannot grow into trees if placed in a flower pot.

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