Tuesday, September 27, 2022

When to Expect the Shuriman Tank

The next League of Legends champion coming is K’Sante. He will be the first champion from a brand new region of Shurima, Nazumah. He will have his own culture separate from what fans of the lore already know. Not much else is known or has been leaked about him just yet. That being said, K’Sante should be coming soon. Here is the likely League of Legends K’Sante PBE Release Date.

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K’Sante will be hailing from the city of Nazumah. This city is on the outskirts and centered around a source of water. Its citizens had to fight away monsters to win over the source of water. They are also the only city to not worship or follow Azir. Instead, K’sante is their champion.

He got his title and name by fighting off a mighty beast while leading Nazumah’s warriors. He created a unique weapon called a Ntofos which helps him to regenerate. It is described as a “huge, blunt weapon” that can be used defensively. Then K’Sante can shatter it into blades and go on the attack. After he does this it goes back to being a blunt weapon after some time.

K’Sante definitely seems like a champion who will be more a bruiser than tank. From his description, he will be very tanky and dealing blunt damage but then either transform or ult into being in more of an attack mode.

The only thing that is known is that K’Sante should be coming soon. The K’Sante Release Date could be as soon Patch 12.18 which comes out on September 21, 2022.

That would mean that the K’Sante PBE release date would be with Patch 12.17 on Thursday September 8, 2022.

There is no doubt that while his name and his abilities (to a certain degree) have been revealed, that fans will want to know more about this champion.

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