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What’s a good refresh rate for Fortnite?

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What is a good refresh rate for Fortnite?

One detail that gamers should be able to control regardless of which platform they choose is their refresh rate – unless they have the right type of monitor. Here’s a breakdown of what is a good refresh rate for Fortnite.

First and foremost, we should address the effects of frame rates when gaming and what common values ​​they have in common.

Essentially, the refresh rate of your display affects how smooth animations are shown. This is especially important in competitive shooter games like Fortnite when you consider that most “tough” players run the game at more than 120 frames per second (FPS) and thus make the most subtle changes (e.g. where an enemy is located) can see faster than with more casual setups.

For this reason, in competitive gaming, playing on a monitor rather than a television is almost a requirement. There are a lot more monitors out there that support refresh rates that are higher than the standard 60Hz, which is pretty much all you need when watching movies or playing single player games.

Most of the players you face are likely to use 60Hz, whether on purpose or not, as it is the cheapest and most common value that monitors and TVs use. For next-generation consoles or budget to mid-range PC rigs, 144 Hz monitors are the optimal step. For money-makers (e.g. content creators), however, there are 240 and even 360 Hz options.

The bottom line is, the higher you can go, the better. 144 Hz is usually good enough for competitive gaming, and once you’re playing at a higher refresh rate, it’s day and night to return to 60 Hz. It doesn’t necessarily make you a better player, however.

To play at a refresh rate above 60 Hz, gamers need to ensure on both the console and PC that their display can output more (e.g. a 144 Hz monitor).

Even if your PS5, Xbox Series X | S, or PC can generate 120 FPS, there won’t be a noticeable difference if your display is locked to less than 120 Hz.

Once players have the right monitor, gaming rig, and the right refresh rate settings, they should be ready to go.

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