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What moves have scrims featured?

As the preparation for PCS6 continues, scrims are taking place around the world and in the rosters. Players switch teams and trials take place around the world. However, most of the chaos is happening in NA right now. New PUBG rosters are being formed and players are switching regions to play in North America. With scrim results and source words, this is a round from the last two weeks.

Yaho (ex-Oath) will likely sign Fludd

Last year, former Fury player Lachlan Fludd Thompson cemented himself as arguably the best player in APAC. Not only did he ask, but IGL led the team to a grand final at PGC 2021. It feels like all the really great Aussie players end up playing in NA and now Fludd will likely join that line. According to sources and scrim results, Fludd is close to joining Yaho, the ex-Oath gaming core.

Fludd coming in wouldn’t be a surprise at all. Australian players playing in NA are not uncommon. TGLTN and luke12 are two examples of a great Australian player competition in NA. It doesn’t even mention how teams like Three Hundred have played with Australians in their roster. Finally, the move makes sense for Yaho. If they can bring in arguably the best player in APAC, there’s no reason why they shouldn’t. Such a move would make them arguably the best team in North America.

Gascans will likely sign Ykikamucoww

Ykikamucow PUBG

When Fury announced their PGC finalist squad was disbanding, many fans wondered what the next steps would be for the players. In a few weeks, Nathan Ykikamucoww Lynham’s likely target for the 2022 season is becoming increasingly clear. According to Scrims, Ykikamucoww has spent the last week testing with gascans.

Any team would be lucky to have Ykikamucoww on board. He’s a multi-talented player who can do whatever is asked of him on the server. When paired with an IGL like Adam and Gregshot and Nicoos, gascans become one of the biggest threats outside of NA’s big three.

Dignitas scrimming with H1RUZEN

Since the departure of their IGL HoneyBadger, Dignitas has been testing new players for their roster. Gascan’s IGL Adam Adam Didiano was considered a favorite for the team at the start of the off-season. Rumored external troubles surrounding the organization appear to have prompted a change in plans. Last week, the latest addition to this list is former Virtus.Pro coach Ramazan H1RUZEN Valiullin. While serving as a coach for VP for the past year, he previously played for Unity and acted as a backup for VP. The last major tournament he competed in was PGI.S with VP after Dmytrii Perfect1ks Dubenyuk had visa issues that caused him to miss the event. H1RUZEN feels like a solid addition to a squad that most believed needed to play with more structure to reach its full potential. While nothing is concrete

Ex-EUnited is likely to return as The Rumblers

According to available scrim results and sources, the former is EUnited Roster appears to be reverting to its former one Rumbler Identity. The same lineup played under the Rumblers banner for the first half of 2021 before being signed by EUnited ahead of the PCS4 main event. The return of The Rumblers would mark the return of one of the most iconic unsigned brands in PUBG history. With that seemingly on the horizon, there’s a lot for fans to be excited about even if they’re not signed to an org.

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