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What is it and how is it applied for?

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Riot Games has sent out the first round of invitations for the servers of the Public Beta Environment (PBE) of their competitive shooter Valorant, and the fans are excited to see what these servers are about. Here is everything you need to know about the PBE servers in Valorant and the benefits you will get if you choose to do it.

What are Valorant PBE servers?

PBE is a method game developers use to filter out bugs in their future patches before they are actually released. By logging in to the PBE servers, players can check out future updates before they are officially presented on the live servers.

PBE players will be able to test new cards and play new agents before they are delivered to the game and report any bugs they encounter along the way to the development team.

The PBE servers will only be available one weekend per patch, which means that players can play it every other weekend.

How do I apply for Valorant PBE servers?

In order to apply for the Valorant PBE, players must meet certain requirements.

First of all, only North American players can currently sign up for the PBE servers. If you are outside of North America, you cannot join the PBE just yet.

Second, players need to have a clean track record with no tape or restrictions on their accounts.

If you meet these conditions, you can apply for PBE here. However, simply fulfilling these conditions will not secure you a place on the PBE list as the players are selected manually by Riot itself.

When you join the PBE, your existing account will not just become PBE. You can still log in with your current Valorant account. This also means that if you are locked on the PBE, you will also be locked on Live and vice versa.

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