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What if the odd VR glove that Microsoft has patents for makes an appearance on the Xbox Series X? – Bestgamingpro

Last updated on April 20, 2022

When it comes to Microsoft’s virtual reality gloves, it’s not clear whether they will ever come to market or even be available on Xbox Series X.

However, this doesn’t mean that Microsoft’s VR glove is a waste of time and money. Virtual reality has come a long way since its inception, but there are still a few areas where it falls short. Most current VR controllers can’t adequately imitate the weight of gripping items beyond some modest resistance through haptic feedback, but Microsoft’s VR glove may be the answer, according to a new patent.

patent EP3977239 was submitted with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) and discovered by PatentlyApple. The patent for Microsoft’s VR gloves states that the gloves would provide users tactile input while lifting virtual items. Work on the gloves started in 2019.

So, how exactly does it do this? Sensors and motors may be integrated into the gloves through a “force-applying mechanism” attached to the rear of the gloves. Force feedback will be applied to your knuckles as a result, providing a more accurate representation of item engagement. In accordance with the patent, this device is intended for professional usage and video gaming applications.

When it was first announced in 2020, Microsoft’s PIVOT haptic wrist-worn VR gadget swung into the wearer’s hand to provide the user a more realistic catching and throwing sensation. However, considering the common ground between PIVOT and VR gloves, it is possible that this new work is expanding on previous studies.

In the film The Wizard, Fred Savage plays a character that uses the Power Glove, a Nintendo NES attachment most known for its part in the movie. The Power Glove, a gaming accessory that lets you use hand gestures to control the action, was a critical failure. When the protagonist of your film declares, “I adore the power glove. Obviously, Nintendo was aware of this.

Although these virtual reality gloves have been granted a patent, this does not necessarily guarantee they will be given to the general public. Many patented goods never see the light of day, and Microsoft’s engineers may merely be interested in this for research purposes, so we recommend keeping expectations in check until an official announcement has been made.

Microsoft isn’t the only company now selling virtual reality gloves. Haptic gloves, like the SenseGlove Nova, are now available for standalone headsets like the Oculus Quest 2. Aside from the fact that they cost $4,341.47 (€3,999) alone, they aren’t suited for the ordinary VR consumer. There’s no guarantee that Microsoft will be able to keep the price of this product affordable for consumers.

Is it possible that Xbox VR will be released at some point?

Microsoft, unlike Sony, has shown little interest in virtual reality gaming on the console front, other from Minecraft on the initial PlayStation VR. If you’ve been following the Xbox 360 news, you may have seen a pop-up notification last year that said, “An update for the VR headset is ready.” Unfortunately, this was explained away as a linguistic blunder, but it nevertheless raised questions among supporters.

Mixed reality headsets like HoloLens have generally been Microsoft’s primary emphasis for virtual reality on the PC. Xbox CEO Phil Spencer hasn’t ruled out virtual reality on Xbox, although he has voiced doubts about the technology’s fit for the living room when questioned about it before. In spite of this, the patent clearly mentions the application of this technology in “gaming,” “industrial,” “commercial,” and “healthcare contexts.”

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