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Ways To Improve Hello Puppets: Midnight Show

Developed and published by Otherworld Interactive, Hello Puppets: Midnight Show is a horror puzzle game where the main character uses a magic book on his handeemen to bring them to life. He did this to make his dream come true, but the puppets had something else in mind.

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After finishing the first act of the game, you’ll be trapped in your office with the handeemen controlling everything. You have to solve multiple puzzle rooms in the game to get back the pages of the magic book and destroy them. The puzzles in the game can easily have players scratching their heads in confusion.


6/6 Reduce The Handeemen’s Detection Radius

Hello Puppets Midnight Show Daisy Danger Catching You Closeup

It seems like the magic book has also provided multiple eyes to the handeemen so they can see all around them. If you get into their line of sight even if they’re not looking at you, the puppets will instantly get aggroed and start chasing you. This feels a little counter-intuitive sometimes because you’d expect a puppet who’s not looking at you to not see you.

Moreover, the handeemen seem to have a huge radius where they can catch the players. This is specifically noticeable in the main area of ​​Daisy Danger’s Kitchen Catastrophe. If you’re looping her on the benches in the main area, you have to stay a little further from the edges or she gets you from the other side.

This can also get a little annoying if you’re running toward a closet or a locker that isn’t already open. You have to spend some time opening the door before being able to get in, and the puppet can catch you even if they weren’t that close because of the radius.

5/6 Make The System More Forgiving

Hello Puppets Midnight Show Daisy Danger Staring At Main Character Inside Locker

The developers have claimed that the puppets have an “advanced AI’ that adapts according to the player. While this is amazing when you’re going from one puzzle to another to collect different pieces for the final puzzle, it can also get annoying sometimes. The advanced AI prevents the player from staying in one area for too long.

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This gets problematic when you’re trying to solve the final puzzle in Nick Nack’s, Daisy Danger’s, or Riley Ruckus’ realms. If the puppet catches you in that area once, it will keep coming back even if you manage to evade it successfully. If you get into a locker to hide from the puppet, they can give you a small test interaction.

If you succeed in this test, they walk away for a bit before teleporting to another location. The problem is that the puppets will keep visiting the main area every five or six seconds if you evade them in this manner. This doesn’t give you enough time to think about the puzzle, and it can also be deadly in some realms where there aren’t any lockers nearby.

Hello Puppet's Midnight Show Vengeance Screen

While we’re talking about making one system more forgiving, there’s also a system that makes almost no difference once you get used to the game. As you go to higher difficulties, puppets start having special performances that the player needs to attend. A player’s absence or failure in the special performance triggers Vengeance.

It can also be triggered if you aren’t able to find the handeemen when they hide from you. During Vengeance, the puppet gets a speed boost and they also steal one card from the green board in the main area if you’ve placed them there after solving the puzzle. Although, veteran players can simply keep all the cards on themselves and completely ignore these special interactions.

While this creates a risk of them losing all the cards if they get caught, it isn’t really hard to dodge the puppets for veterans. To make this effect equally scary for all kinds of players, Vengeance needs to buff handeemen a little more in some way, or it needs to last a little longer.

3/6 Make The Game A Little More Smooth

Hello Puppets Midnight Show Daisy Danger Riley Ruckus And Nick Nack Poster

Even after playing the game on a high resolution and refresh rate monitor, it felt a little too jittery, especially in Daisy Danger’s Kitchen Catastrophe. The jitter can easily make a person motion sick, even if they aren’t prone to it. Moreover, the movement is a little janky and weird.

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With the correct optimizations, Hello Puppets: Midnight Show can feel a lot smoother for players, giving them a better experience.

2/6 More Puzzle Diversity

Hello Puppets Midnight Show Daisy Danger And Nick Nack Exclusive Puzzles

You can get up to seven types of main puzzles in every realm, but six of these are shared among different realms. Each handeemen’s realm has only one exclusive puzzle. Since the AI ​​for different puppets also works similarly, the game gets a little repetitive. There needs to be more puzzle diversity in the game.

This issue can easily be solved by making some of the optional puzzles have a chance to be the main puzzle as well. For example, there can be puzzle pieces in the chest that are unlocked using different methods.

1/6 Being Able To Hear Handeemen Better

Hello Puppets Midnight Show Mortimer Controlling A Human

The game has quite a good system to let players know when a handeemen is nearby. There is a terror radius that starts playing when they get near you, but the radius for this music is quite big. This leads to scenarios where a player has no clue where the handeemen is, but they can’t solve a puzzle properly either.

There is a heartbeat when the puppet gets too close, but it’s a little inconsistent. There needs to be a consistent heartbeat for a longer radius that works as a signal for the player to drop everything and hide as fast as possible.

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