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Warhammer 40k: Battlesector – Best Blood Angel units

The Warhammer 40k universe is a vast expanse of war, death, war, heroism, war, darkness and war. As an environment, it’s ideal for adapting to video game space, but surprisingly, it doesn’t have the best track record. Some diamonds exist in the raw state, and the recent Game Passed Slaughter sector happens to be one of them.

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Equipped with a fairly fierce campaign mode, a meaty skirmish mode, and a fairly comprehensive online multiplayer suite, there are plenty of reasons to delve into the gritty darkness of the 41st millennium. If you are familiar with Intercessors, Aggressors, and Commanders, the dive will be a bit easier.

5 Hellblasters

WH40K Battlesector 3 Hellblasters

Hellblaster are a fantastic unit that is suffering in some key areas holding them back in terms of ranking. First, they have low accuracy, which means that their damage output is more RNG-based. Second, one of their main skills is badly damaging the squad – not great.

The compromise for these problems? Hellblaster are kings when it comes to slaughtering medium-sized Gribbles like Warriors and Venomthropes, and can defeat larger monsters like the Tyranofex.

Since Hellblaster rock massive plasma rifles, they are not weaklings. As you upgrade them, their weapons will improve and become even more powerful. Even their accuracy improves, which is a great blessing.

Just be warned, a Hellblaster squad are about as effective at killing smaller enemies as an Intercessor squad – and they’re way more expensive. Wasting your plasma on a termagant isn’t the best use for these guys.


4th Intercessor

WH40K Battlesector Intercessors fighting a Tyranofex

The bread and butter of every Blood Angels troop. These Primaris Marines may be the first boots you get on the ground, but they more than remain relevant as you progress through the campaign and complete skirmishes.

Equipped with a standard bolt rifle, they are excellent at shooting down hordes of smaller mooks from a distance.

On top of that, they also have access to a self-buff – Battle Line Tactics – which increases their damage and makes a duo of Intercessors quite a long-range threat – even in Overwatch. The only downside to this buff is that they take increased damage in close combat. Hence, you really want to avoid getting into a brawl.

After all, Intercessor squads have access to two frag grenades in each mission, which do more than enough damage to wipe out entire squads with one throw. While intercessors are not good at killing the larger enemies, they are excellent at holding the line against the Tyranid swarm.

3 attacker

WH40K Battlesector 2 aggressors

Not many units in the Battlesector can be considered jack-of-all-trades, but aggressors certainly wear this coat with pride. By default, these beefy dudes pack Boltstorm Gauntlets, capable of crushing crowds of enemies at close range, giant fists to slap giant monsters in close combat, and Fragstorm launchers to tackle far-flung targets.

Whatever the situation, an aggressor squad can likely handle it. Upgrades for the squad only make them more devastating by equipping them all with flamethrowers or giving them a powerful attack damage buff.

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Aggressors are also incredibly vigorous, rocking a seriously meaty health pool, and formidable armor at the expense of smaller unit sizes. That being said, keeping a pharmacy nearby can cause this squad to neigh undead, so it’s only a matter of time before your way through the endless horde. However, they are a little slower.

2 Land speeder

WH40K Battlesector battlefield full of swarms

Battlesector comes standard with some vehicles, and the Landspeeder is the first you come across – but it happens to be one of the best. With enough armor to ignore most small arms fires, a decent health pool to fill up on a few big hits, and tremendous movement speed, these things can take a beating and get around.

They come with a Heavy Bolter which is very effective against smaller squads and can even work against medium sized enemies. Having a few land speeders whizzing around is not only effective at thining out the enemy, but also as a distraction. The best part? They likely won’t be able to catch you if they swallow the bait.

Just because they’re vehicles doesn’t mean they can’t achieve goals. This makes Landspeeder invaluable during the campaign as you can send a squadron in front of your main force to play around while you kill with your larger guns.

1 Furioso dreadnoughts

WH40K Battlesector Furioso Librarian Dreadnought

Nothing screams like an immortal, immortal, walking coffin. The Furioso Dreadnought is king when it comes to Battlesector as, like the Aggressor, it can do pretty much anything, and well.

The Furioso rocks a monstrous health pool and armor for days and does not go down without a fight. You can even buff him up with a Tech Marine, which means it will be a while before this badass dies.

If they’re not dead, they’ll murder practically anything. In close combat, they can effortlessly kill triple monsters, distract endless swarms of smaller tyranids, and mangle medium-sized monsters with ease. Less impressive from a distance, their armament is still capable of shredding infantry like paper, making them a fantastic supportive element.

They’re a bit expensive to run, but for the points they’re good value for money. The campaign even gives you access to a Furioso Librarian Dreadnought, which is Furioso on steroids. It’s like they gave the best unit in the game the sheer victory and made it.

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