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Vivo Keyd and Acend respond to third card at Champions in new riot ruling

After re-examining Riot Games’ verdict on Vivo Keyd’s camera exploit in their match against Acend at VALORANT Champions, Riot ruled that Acend and Vivo Keyd will repeat Map 3, with Acend starting with a seven-round lead. The replay begins on Sunday at 8:30 a.m. ET, half an hour before the tournament’s regular start time. Despite ruling For this same day as the game exploit, the verdict itself received a backlash due to the lack of a replay or technical break.

“According to the VALORANT rules, due to the newly calculated card score of 12-10, none of the teams achieved the required number of rounds to win the card. Therefore, no winner can be declared, which is a new situation for VALORANT eSports ”, it says in the judgment. “Given that Acend was the disadvantaged team, we worked with them on a solution and eventually decided to replay Card 3 with a 7-0 round result in Acend’s favor for the total number of rounds used plus an additional round of economic Reasons to consider felling. “

The original verdict and how it has changed

The exploit was used in the match Acend vs. Vivo Keyd on Map 3, Breeze. Vivo Keyd was able to use Cypher’s camera to look through a flawed texture and get information they shouldn’t be able to. Although Vivo Keyd only won three of the six rounds, the VALORANT Esports officials were able to gave all six rounds to Acend. Acend was also awarded an extra round for losing economies, earning Acend the card and victory.

The outrage of the Brazilian team’s fans soon followed. Fans cited the 15-minute technical break during the Sentinels vs. FURIA Esports game because of another exploit that most gamers did not consider an exploit. They believe the game between Vivo Keyd and Acend should have been stopped instead of ending with a great post-game verdict. Riot said they initially didn’t realize the camera was being used during the game.

The lack of a replay led Brazilian fans to start a hashtag on Twitter, #justiceforkeyd. Other players within the competition commented on the matter, saying that losing your cards was the easy way not to notice the exploit in the middle of the game.

Following the community backlash to the verdict, the team postponed the game between Team Envy and Acend on December 4th reevaluate the original judgment. Now the VALORANT team has decided to repeat part of the game.

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