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Vision Strikers’ MaKo believes the loss of the champions was due to “over-commitment”

Vision Strikers are one of the favorites at VALORANT Champions, although the road to victory for the South Koreans has become much steeper after Fnatic defeated them in a three card series that led to Fracture. Fnatic embarrassed Vision Strikers on the new map on Friday, building a huge lead in the opening laps before winning it all.

“When we came back and conquered Haven, we were very confident,” said Vision Strikers player Kim “MaKo” Myeong-kwan after the game. “We had the momentum and had taken a factor to close the card.”

Vision Strikers fall at Champions against Fnatic

Fnatic opened the series by winning Icebox by a slight 13-10 lead. It was the first card that Vision Strikers player Kim “Lakia” Jong-min appeared on. Fnatic also took the lead at Haven, but the game’s leader, Kim “stax” Gu-taek and his company rallied to send the game to Fracture.

“Not a great day for the Strikers. I have basically never seen many errors after the system, ”said KR VALORANT commentator Clint “Paperthin” Bader. “Fracture [strategies] were not available. But really a lot of mental mistakes, too few time-outs at crucial times. Still a chance against C9, but not as they looked today. “

Vision Strikers in the group stage of the VALORANT Champions
MaKo knows that he and his team will train non-stop before the next game | Photo by Lance Skundrich for Riot Games

Things quickly got out of hand for Vision Strikers when Fnatic took a 7-1 lead at Fracture. This was Fracture’s second appearance at an official VALORANT Champions Tour event, and while Stax believed it was one of the best Vision Strikers maps, his team looked lost trying to navigate all of Fracture’s tracks. Fnatic, who had played Cloud9 on Fracture, appeared to be more experienced.

“It was in the first few rounds of Fracture that we realized we might be overstretching these positions,” MaKo said. “We struggled to stop them and we broke down.”

MaKo added that losing the pistol round after half was an advantage for Fnatic. A clutch that was a “minor factor” resulted in a loss of lap that widened the gap they needed to close in order to win.

Stax didn’t shy away from trash talk after beating FULL SENSE 2-0 on the Champions’ first day. He said that Fnatic was “lucky” to be with the champions after they qualified at Stage 3 Masters – Berlin based on Gambit Esports victory. Fnatic IGL Jake “Boaster” Howlett – who is known for sharp trash talk – used this as motivation.

“I remember it and I gave it to the guys as a [way to] drive our strength and somehow send them to bed, but I didn’t want the guys to be so focused on it, ”said Boaster after the game. “It was just kind of, ‘Hey, they think we don’t deserve to be here. Well, we are the outsiders and we will prove them wrong and prove them wrong and we will emerge from this group of deaths. ‘”

Fnatic is the first team to emerge from the group stage at Champions. Vision Strikers will play either FULL SENSE or Cloud9 on December 6th.

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