Thursday, May 26, 2022

VALORANT player only gets one headshot ace with Chambers pistol

ONE VALORANT Player killed the entire opposing team with headshots only with Chamber’s heavy pistol.

Chamber is the newest agent in VALORANT and blurring the line between duelists and controller-agents. He can single-handedly hold a site with his skills and, if used correctly, cause significant damage. One player recently demonstrated how effective their headhunting skill can be when you hit your shots.

VALORANT Player JZYC uploaded a clip of them huddling in the middle on Ascent. They activated Chamber’s ultimate, but missed their shot and were instantly stunned. The opposing Raze also used its Boom Bot to find its location, meaning the opposing team knew exactly where the player was hiding. The situation didn’t seem to be winning until the player pulled out Chambers’s heavy pistol.

Three enemies shifted their positions and were quickly eliminated with three headshots. The player killed another enemy on the catwalk to turn the round from a five-on-two disadvantage to a two-on-one advantage. They found the last player hiding in the direction of B-Main and killed him with one final headshot to secure his headshot-only ace.

Chambers’ heavy pistol can kill enemies with one shot and turn the tide of a shootout quickly. Players must purchase every bullet for the weapon, but the result is almost always worth the investment. The heavy pistol doesn’t guarantee an ace, but it’s a powerful ability that shouldn’t be overlooked.

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