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VALORANT is reportedly working on a system similar to Overwatch and LoL to reduce toxicity

For many VALORANT players the battle against toxic players seems never-ending. Riot have confirmed that they’re looking into replicating a feature similar to that in Overwatch to deal with problematic players.

The number one issue of any online multiplayer is toxicity. It has always existed in every virtual multiplayer game and developers are yet to find a solution. Even in Riot’s flagship FPS, VALORANT.

Generally toxic abuse, racism, sexism and homophobic comments is something that all players have experienced. Even prompting the queen of Twitch, Pokimane herself to pretend to be a man in voice chat as an experiment.

This has inspired discussion around how best to deal with problematic players. One fan even offered a solution that mirrors the likes of League of Legends and Overwatch. It turns out, however, that Riot are, in fact, listening and preparing to ship similar updates in the future.

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Riot dev responds to calls for new Valorant toxicity system

In a January 16 tweet, player and streamer dnosVAL said, “Valorant needs to come out with a trust-factor system or an endorsement system so that toxic/racist/sexist people end up only playing against themselves and regular players get to play with regular players.”

Overwatch, punishes players who leave games early or are caught using exploits are thrown together with their fellow rule breakers. Additionally, the Endorsement system (one which allows players to vote for players that performed particularly well) matches players with high Endorsement levels together in future games. This gives incentive to players to be better teammates and not promote negativity

League of Legends similarly, allows players to vote for teammates who left a lasting positive impression after the game.

Executive producer for Valorant, Anna ‘SuperCakes’ Donlon, was quick to jump into the comments section, writing “just wanted to say I really like where you’re going with this idea. There are several systems we’re working on & testing right now that we hope will help in this space & whatever we ship will factor in the abuse folks are talking about in replies. Hope we can share more soon.”

When will this system go live in VALORANT?

Anna has not given a date by when this endorsement system will go live. But the day it does, make sure to be nice to your fellow teammates. All you know, you might just end up in the lobbies straight from hell!

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