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Valorant Game Changers Controversy Explained

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Following a dispute that started in the community as a result of some teabagging, Riot Games has suspended two Valorant Game Changers players for toxic behavior.

Riot determined that the gamers had harassed and used filthy language that targeted and isolated another player. “Dawn” (full name withheld) was prohibited for three months for using obscene language towards a member of the GALORANTS community, while “Risorah” (full name withheld) was banned for nine months for harassing a member of the GALORANTS community. Because of their behavior, the two will be barred from all official Valorant activities.

Valorant: Galorant Valorant Controversy Explained

Riot Games has not revealed the name of the player who engaged community members on the GALORANTS Discord server. On June 27th, the topic grew into an argument that spanned many Twitter posts. Dawn’s comments included a rude and pointed statement directed at the anonymous gamer.

Below you can review the timeline of the events occurred.

Risorah Valorant targets a victim many times on June 27th.

  1. Risorah tweeted a plethora of times aimed exclusively at the same player, in which she reproduced GALORANTS Discord discussions between themselves and Player A. Risorah then shared an altered video in which they enhanced and individually inserted filthy remarks surrounding the player.

The victim was targeted with nasty posts on June 28th.

  1. Risorah directly labeled and targeted the gamer as the topic of a filthy post. Riot Games analyzed detailed images and video of the alleged infractions, as well as correspondence between the accused and the victim, throughout the inquiry. Riot Games also interviewed participants, including Dawn and Risorah.

Riot Games’ decision on July 25th

  1. Dawn breached Rule 7.3.1 of the VALORANT Champions Tour Global Competition Policy. Dawn is barred from any association or involvement with a team in a riot-sanctioned competition for three months, until September 27, 2023.

July 25th – Punished players acknowledge the judgment

  1. In a recent appearance on Charles White Jr.’s (penguinz0/MoistCr1TiKaL) stream, where they spoke at length about the matter, both players addressed the dispute. Shortly, White will probably upload a video on his YouTube account discussing the circumstance.

July 25th – The community opposes the players’ actions.

  1. The Game Changers community is outraged just at two players’ behavior. On Twitter, Shopify Rebellion’s Game Changers squad member Benita “bENITA” Novshadian stated that it is impossible to take the Game Changers scene seriously when there is no competition integrity and rules are disregarded. With certain players’ acts affecting players’ jobs and livelihoods, it calls into question what the Game Changers circuit stands for.

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