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Valorant Episode 4 Leaks: New Agent, New Collection, Agent Overhauls, and More

When Valorant Episode 3: Reflection comes to an end, let’s take a look at the leaks from Valorant Episode 4.

Valorant has grown in popularity enormously in the past year. It is on its way to become the best FPS game in the world. Valorant is also one of the Categories with the highest number of viewers shrug on, manage over 60 million Hours per month viewed. And also the climax at 1,032,483 Spectators during champions.

Valorant’s current episode “Consideration“Was also a great success. And Riot wants to continue that success in their next episode. They want to add some new features that have been teased into Special event of the Valorant Champions. Let’s take a look at leaked upcoming updates and changes.

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Valorant episode 4 leaks

New agent, agent 18

The new agent’s teaser was shown during Valorant Champions, where the agent says:I go fast “. This gave him the name “Agent Sprinter”. Agent 18 could be a dualist who could compete with Jett. No further details have been leaked about this new agent, but he / she will arrive with the new episode.

Revision of Yoru skills

With the new episode we will also get the opportunity to watch the new Yoru. Based on player feedback and the fact that his selection rate was 0% in VCT 2021, Riot made some changes. The new and improved has the following abilities:

  • (c) forgery: Initially these were fake steps, but now Riot has replaced the steps with a new visual: a copy of Yoru running forward and exploding and detonating when fired, weakening enemies.
  • (e) Gate crash: Riot has reduced the range that enemies can see and hear the tether on the map while it is traveling. You also have the cruising speed of the gate crash around. elevated 20%. Yoru can now also remotely activate the tether to trigger a fake teleport, reproducing the same audio and video signals as if he were teleporting himself.

Read more about the changes on Valorants state of the agents.

New collection for episode 4

Each new episode of Valoratn introduces us to a Run It Back collection, which consists of skins from different bundles. This gives the brave creative team their well-deserved break. And players have the chance to purchase their favorite skins. The Run it Back 2 collection consists of:

  • Tethered Realms Ghost
  • Enlightenment specter
  • Prime 2.0 Odin
  • Abandoned vandals
  • Origin operator

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Tournament mode

Assessment of plans for 2022

The Valorant tournament mode was leaked a long time ago. This mode is rank-specific to illustrate that the teams participating in the tournament are in the same ranked league.

Riot has indicated that we may be able to participate in this game mode from the upcoming episode.

After watching the leaks, we hope you’re excited about Valorant Episode 4 on January 12th.

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