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Valorant Champions Playoffs Schedule: An overview of the predicted pool locks for the playoffs in Berlin.

The schedule for the Valorant Champions Playoffs is almost halfway through as 4 teams have determined their places. Are there foolproof predictions?

16 teams and only 8 places. That is the nature of any group stage esports tournament. Valorant Champions 2021 will get more exciting the closer the knockout round gets.

Large teams are only one step away from major disaster. However, it is accepted that the meta changes will have a significant impact on gameplay.

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And the shifts in selection rates are a powerful indicator of this. Sometimes an unorthodox modus operandi gives you the best chance.

The Champions 2021 is an ode to that fact. We don’t make our decisions based on obvious conditions, but give outsiders more leeway.

2021 was really the year of the Darkhorse. It’s the year of the underdogs. The team spirit that raised the Aegis of the Champions is much evidence.

The obvious but foolproof choices.

As the tournament progresses, the top 1 region will be revealed. And it’s not North America.

4 out of 4 teams from the EMEA region made it into the playoffs. It will be the absolute dominance of the EMEA for a while.

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Gambit, the EMEA kings.

Gambit is the team to beat. They are hands down the best team in the world right now, just based on the stats.

The EMEA giant wants to take everything with the Valorant Champions 2021. There is no better chance of winning the champions again.

Nats and Company want every bullet to count.

Team Liquid, brother Buff.

Scream found a new place to stay in Valorant after dreaming in. left behind CS: GO. His aggressive style made waves in Valorant Community.

the God with one tap, along with his brother Nivera, are on the way to achieve all that is there. Team Liquid has beaten teams at their worst.

Now only in top form gambit maybe they can be stopped at all.

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The underdogs with real potential.

Sentinel’s knockout is the first big surprise. It’s a grim reminder of the David versus Goliath story.

We believe 2021 will be the year of change. Will there be another glorious chapter written for them? Dark horses in Sports?

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KRU Esports, the LatAm dream.

Sergio Agüero has made a good investment. As an owner, there is currently no one who is as enthusiastic as he is.

The LatAm team has a lot to prove. Next, you have an eye on Team Liquid. We expect the only team from LatAm to fight some decisive and bloody battles.

Team Acend, EMEA underdog.

Acend continues to the VALORANT Champions playoffs after the defeat envy in the blink of an eye 2-0 Game. Consequently, Team Acend completes total domination EMEA as the 1. Seed from each group.

Likewise, Akend surprised everyone from the start. Even if there are no superstars in the roster, they make their presence known.

They have the highest lap difference among all seeded 1 teams in each group. And that is something worthy of praise.

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The Valorant Champions Playoff Schedule.

December 8th

Akend vs. Group C Seed # 2

9th of December

Team Liquid vs. Group D Seed # 2

gambit vs. Group a Seed # 2

10th of December

Fnatic vs. KRU eSports

The matchups are healthy and fierce. So be ready for the next big surprise in Playoffs phase.

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