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Valorant Champions 2021: ACEND wins everything to achieve the title of “Valorant Champions” 2021.

ACEND Club are your new Valorant Champions, more like the very first Valorant Champions. Against all odds, they beat the best to prove that underdogs can pack a punch.

Valorant Champions 2021 brought new professional teams and regions into play. The tournament is a story of how a little-known team beat the best of the best.

ACEND were outsiders. But they finished in EMEA in lap points behind GAMBIT. Yet the performance they produce is incomparable.

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ACEND club is the only team in esports history with three 2-0 wins, back to back. They decimated opponents left and right to claim what they owed.

However, the journey is a different story. It will

ACEND- A new chapter begins in Valorant.

Akend is a European eSports organization that participated VALORANT on March 10, 2021. The team was founded in VALORANT with the leftovers Elevate Your Edge Gaming.

They quickly rose to the top of European competition. By winning several regional titles, they began to make themselves visible.

The list consisted of COLD BONE, cNed, Kiles, koldamenta and starxo. Nbs acted as team coach. The team played earlier than Don’t even ask before they are picked up Increase your lead.

ACEND qualifies for Master 1 how Increase your lead but played under the new flag. Although there were difficulties, they ultimately managed to win the event.

Her success is due to her aggressive style. It is led by miracles cNed and backed by a strong support cast, both in game and in real life.

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The struggle and the baby steps.

The qualifiers too Master: Reykjavík were a disappointment. However, Akend was eliminated by Team vitality and Ninjas in pajamas.

They used the downtime as an opportunity to reset and rebuild. ACEND traded koldamenta to G2 sport in exchange for Zeek.

Rumors pointed to an unstoppable team. And true to that, they won LVP Rising # 2 with relative ease.

Master: Berlin Qualification was hyped because ACEND could not participate. But that card played right into their hands as they prepared for the Valorant Champions.

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The final frontier for ACEND. The Valorant Champions 2021.

ACEND started slowly with a 2-1. But the next three games were insane. The best of the underdogs was unstoppable.

And now even Gambit, the EMEA kings, are defeated. The games between the two teams were close and personal.

Tooth and nail for every round. However, NAts got out of hand in the Grand Finals from minute 1.

NAts is one of the best carries in the Valorant Pro Circuit. ACS of 245, however, wasn’t saving enough for gambit.

The Final Tribulation: Gambit Esports.

Gambit had a chance to end the match in match 4. ACEND forced the veterans into extra time and saved themselves from a 3-1 defeat.

After round 4, the score was 2: 2 with a swing on ACEND’s side. CNed and D3ffo challenged it pretty hard.

But eventually, when the dust settled, ACEND defeated Gambit on Card 5 13-8. ACEND are your Valorant Champions 2021.

2021 was really the year of the underdog. As a result, we expect significant changes to the esports lineups for most of the major teams in the coming weeks.

Championship runs like these are rare, often almost impossible. But there is a general trend emerging and it is visible.

Valorant is a team game. Therefore, we cannot rely on a single player. Times change very quickly.

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