Saturday, May 21, 2022

Valorant adds a Friendship Fire penalty in the new patch to deal with Griefers

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Valorant, like any other first person shooter, contains griefers and toxic players who only play to ruin other people’s games. This is mainly seen in FPS games, where players damage their opponents with weapons and / or auxiliaries.

Valorant has already found ways to deal with Smurf accounts by locking them down and monitoring voice communications so players don’t have to deal with abuse and toxic teammates. According to ValorLeaks, an account devoted solely to Valorant leaks and information, from now on friendly fire will not go unpunished and there will be penalties for team damage.

From now on, no weapons or projectiles can damage teammates in Valorant. But utilities like Brimstones Molotov, Killjoy, and Razes grenades, and others like Phoenix’s hot hands, can cause damage to teammates as well. These are usually used to take card control, but some players specifically toss these at teammates in order to harm them and eventually kill them.

This can continue for the entire game with no consequence, so Riot has decided to impose a penalty on players who cause Friendly Fires.

What will be the penalties for friendly fires in Valorant?

Valorant may take a page from the book of CSGO, The Best FPS Shooter, and impose a cooldown or account lockout on players who damage teammates. In CSGO, players receive temporary bans for constantly harming their teammates.

It is currently unknown how long the penalties will last, but it is safe to say that causing team damage and friendly fire in Valorant will no longer go unpunished. It needs to be carefully monitored as teammates can sometimes accidentally harm each other without malicious intent and should not be punished for doing so.

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