Monday, December 5, 2022

Valorant 5.07 patch notes and changes

The upcoming Valorant 5.07 Patch Notes primarily introduce changes to Skye, Kayo, Reyna, and Yoru flashes, among other changes.

This short article will look at the changes made in the Flashes of these Initiators and Duelists. We will also break down other leaked changes for the next patch.

The following YouTube video showcases and visualizes the changes that will take place in the next patch.

Let us break down what the patch introduces to the game.

Valorant 5.07 Patch Notes: Character Changes


Skye is critical in setting up plays and making profitable engagements for duelists, no matter the range. Therefore players cannot destroy their flash birds now.

Along with that, the flash has increased duration over long ranges. New UI, VFX, and other hints are added to communicate the utility usage.

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The underhand flash of Kayo is an essential utility to set up explosive plays, which players have taken a lot of advantage of.

Therefore, Riot has buffed Kayo’s Overhand flash and nerfed the Underhand one. There is also a possibility of having an unequip delay on both flashes.


The Leer has severely underperformed, giving Reyna a disadvantage over other duelists. Therefore, Riot has reduced the range restriction on the ability.

There is almost no unequip delay, so one can switch to their gun faster after casting the Leer. However, the Devs have slightly reduced the Leer’s duration to compensate.


There is not much in store for Valorant’s most cocky duelist except for a flash duration buff. Yoru’s flashes last half a second longer than their usual duration.

This buff aims to let Yoru take control of the site without increasing the frustrations of other characters in the game. The flash duration easily lets you Unult and take cover quickly.

Other small changes

There are other quality of life changes such as bug fixes regarding Kayo, Killjoy, Breach, and Phoenix. Players can also favorite the gun skins and add filters to them.

These changes will improve the skin selection process in the game and allow for easy sorting. In all, players can expect a well rounded update from Riot.

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