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Unsure what runes to take or spells to level up? Riot is introducing rune loadout and champ ability recommendations in 2023 League preseason

The 2023 League of Legends preseason is all about making things easier to understand for players. The preseason will aim to streamline many of league‘s systems, including champion builds, jungle pathing, and the overall flow of each game.

Riot unveiled its full plans for the 2023 preseason today, and like any good game of league, the massive overhauls are starting in the pregame lobby. this preseason, league players can expect clear and present options right in the client when it comes to creating their rune pages, with even more communication from the game itself during the course of a match on Summoner’s Rift.

this preseason, league will be implementing a convenient system for pre-game runes and loadouts. Instead of having to check a league stats website for your champion’s best rune page, community-driven examples will be present in the league client during champion select.

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Each champion will have multiple options for runes and summoner spells in the pregame lobby. These loadouts will be built and altered each patch, with the most popular options among players of the champion you’ve selected being present.

“We want to reduce barriers to entry and ensure players have the best possible experience with the runes system when initially ramping up on the game,” Riot said in a developer update post today. “Additionally, this should be helpful for more veteran players who might currently go to external websites or apps to learn what to take on a champion they’re not familiar with.”

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If you’re one of those players who is always checking a third-party application to see which skills you should be leveling up, Riot has you covered, too. In the upcoming preseason, your champion’s ability HUD will be highlighted with a recommendation each time you level up.

The recommendations will be updated for each champion once per patch, with “data being driven based on what is optimal and popular,” according to Riot.

These changes are expected to go live when the annual league preseason patch launches later this year.

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