Thursday, June 30, 2022

“Unpopular opinion: Ping is overrated, between 10 and 40 there is little benefit,” NV Yay tweeted, sparking a discussion among VALORANT fans

NV Yay AKA “El Diablo” tweets a very unpopular opinion among professional gamers. His tweet was followed by fans who shared their opinion on the in-game ping.

In the world of online video games, ping refers to the network latency between a player’s computer (or the client) and either another client (peer) or the game’s server.

Ping has always been a big factor in competitive FPS video games. From the old days of CS:GO to the new sensation VALORANT. All professional players and organizations have made sure to play with the lowest possible ping. So far, the consensus has been that lower ping equals better gameplay. Even one of the best VALORANT players, TenZ, says that lower ping makes him play better.

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What NV Yay has to say about Ping

NV yay says “Unpopular opinion: Ping is overrated, there is very little advantage between 10-40”, leading to a big discussion. With many fans siding with El Diablo, while many fans siding with “popular opinion” on Ping.

Additionally, Yay uses Gambit as an example. He says: “Gambit plays on 50-60+ vs. 10 and wins tournaments in EMEA”. It was an interesting point raised by him as Gambit backed him up.

What do you think of ping? Is it overrated as NV Yay says or is it the most important factor?

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