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TSM versus T1 Twitter Beef explained

TSM VALORANT players accused T1 of cheating during their opening match against them in the lower bracket of the VALORANT Champions Tour Challenger 1 Open Qualifier.

According to TSM Yassine “Subroza” Taoufik and other members of the team, T1’s head coach spoke throughout the chat their game on split. After seeing this, TSM has now accused the T1 coach of speaking to his team across the map. This, coupled with an alleged ping difference between the teams, took TSM players to Twitter to dispute the loss.

“I’m playing against a team whose coach is typing and probably talking to them mid-game gg 6v5,” Subroza said on Twitter after the loss.

This was in response to a teammate who had commented on the 6v5 situation as well as a massive ping deficit. After the loss, TSM Aleko “Aleko” Gaboniya took to Twitter to also complain about the loss.

Subroza accuses the T1 coach of cheating in the bottom bracket during the game
Subroza accuses T1 coach of cheating during bottom bracket game | Provided by Twitter

“Forced on Texas 7 ping 3 ping 6v5 all good we have no problem with that,” Aleko said on Twitter.

Subroza confirmed that T1’s coach was speaking in all chats throughout the game as he responded to a comment left under his initial reply. When asked if the coach said anything in all chats, Subroza replied “si” in confirmation.

T1 receives an alleged warning

VALORANT Coaches are allowed to speak to their players during assigned timeouts and between games. However, you are not allowed to speak to players throughout the game as it would violate the competitive integrity of the game. Allegedly, T1 received a warning, according to Subroza, who seemed fed up with the whole ordeal.

TSM loss split to T1 convincingly 13-7 after a tie in the half at 6-6 and only one round in the second half. The TSM players seemed elated for the next map and ready to push forward, but after losing 8-4 at half at Icebox, a technical break was called. During the tech hiatus, several TSM players tweeted our sleeping emojis, prompting backlash on Twitter from other pro players. XSET’s Rory “dephh” Jackson was one of those interviewees.

XSET dephh responds to TSM and T1 Twitter drama
XSET dephh responds to TSM and T1 Twitter drama | Provided by Twitter

“Tweeting mid-game for impressions while you’re losing,” said dephh. “Just stream man, I get it you don’t want it enough.”

This garnered a response from TSM’s Subroza, who was one of the targets of dephh’s tweet.

“Tweeting about current issues not to impress, but to make a difference,” Subroza said. “Wanted us to keep calm, play and just lose! Yes, we do that and stream afterwards.”

twitter war

There are few occasions that call for all-out Twitter warfare in competitive VALORANT. The last time something like this happened was when Vivo Keyd used an illegal Cypher cam on Breeze during Champions. Shortly after the dispute between Subroza and dephh, Nerd Street Gamer’s twitch channel went offline and the internet exploded. Everyone in the VALORANT community threw shade at each other over an alleged cheating scandal in the VCT Open Qualifier. While Riot Games, and not Nerd Street Gamers, didn’t comment on the matter, it appeared that TSM walked away with the win.

T1's Steel reacts to being disqualified for allegedly cheating during the VCT
T1’s steel reacts to alleged disqualification for cheating during VCT | Provided by Twitter

T1’s Josh “steel” Nissan shuffled around after the power died down, posting a picture of their win over TSM on Split with a yawning emote. This was in response to all TSM players saying “GG” to players on the side of T1. On the other hand, T1 players tweeted things like “bad luck”, “damn” and other things that led many to believe they had been disqualified for cheating.

Riot Games has since released one official answerdisqualifying T1 from the Unauthorized Communications Qualifier.

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