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Top 5 Boston Uprising Plays from the First Half of the Season

The Boston Uprising had quite the exciting season so far in 2022. The year kicked off with a bang, winning an absolutely crazy nail-biter of a match against the Vancouver Titans. From there the Uprising have stumbled a bit and site at a 4-8 record heading into the second half of the season. Although the record may be less than ideal, the Uprising certainly have no shortage of incredible play. To kick off the Summer Showdown, here are the top 5 plays from the Boston Uprising so far.

5. Valentine Has 1HP and a Dream

Valentine has been a DPS player that hasn’t quite lived up to his potential. Coming into the Overwatch League people had high hopes for the stand out Contenders player. However 2021 was not the kindest of years to Boston, and Valentine wasn’t able to show out the way many were expecting. However in 2022, Valentine appears to be a man on a mission.

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In the Midseason Madness qualifiers, Valentine truly showcased what he can do with a little bit of confidence. The first entry on this list features Valentine heading into the heart of the Florida Mayhem with a Dragonblade, and a dream. In a pivotal fight for Lijiang Tower, Valentine is able to cleave his way through three members of the Mayhem to secure the point. He ends the fight with just a sliver of health, completely unfazed by the potential threats of the enemy squad. If Valentine can pull out a few more plays like this, the Uprising just may have a star in the making.

4. Striker Has Vancouver in His Sights
Top 5 Boston Uprisings
Courtesy of the Overwatch League

It wouldn’t be a “top plays” list without featuring one of the best DPS to do it. While Striker may have had a short second stint with the Uprising, he certainly made his presence felt in the first week of the season. Striker came through in a big way during the Solider:76 meta by cutting down the opposition on the decisive third round of Map 5. Sure, Striker really isn’t aiming with the Solider ultimate, but the play was still impressive and worth revisiting once more.

3. Victoria Closes Out King’s Row

As a rookie DPS, Victoria has plenty to prove. He is a player who hasn’t had much competitive experience, and is now thrust into the toughest league in the world. Many viewers weren’t sure what to make of the Uprising Academy call-up, but they certainly know that he can make a play when called upon.

Against the Paris Eternal the Boston Uprising were facing a tough defense towards the end of King’s Row. There was a moment of doubt that the Uprising wouldn’t be able to close out the map and ultimately win the series. Victoria on the other hand wasn’t worried at all. On his new comfort pick, Victoria is able to net five eliminations on Sojourn to end the round and secure the win for Boston. Not bad for a rookie.

2 Valentine Puts San Fran in the Fridge
Top 5 Boston Uprisings
Courtesy of the Overwatch League

Sometimes a play doesn’t need much analysis. Valentine’s Blizzard on Route 66 was exactly the play that Boston needed at that moment. It was impressive in the fact that it shut down San Francisco’s assault and ended the round in a scenario that left Boston in a winning position. Despite Boston falling only meters short of a map win, Valentine’s Blizzard to eliminate four was a massive swing in momentum for the Uprising.

1. Boston Overcome a 117 yard deficit

Maybe the #1 play is a cop out since it is actually a series of different plays strung together. The Uprising found a way to overcome a massive distance deficit against the Houston Outlaws to win Colleseo. It featured massive displays of skill from just about all five members of the team. Punk had made a clutch save to turn the point around as Doomfist. The DPS found picks to make the push just ever so easier. It even featured Faith on the Ana as the team demanded a Nano Boost in order to win the map.

The map as a whole highlighted Boston’s potential as a team. They have the ability to beat one of the top teams in the league. They showed their toughness by not rolling over when the Outlaws came close to finishing the map. The Uprising have so much more to prove in the second half of the season, and fans should be excited about the new opportunity for Boston.

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