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Things You Didn’t Know About The Wither

Minecraft is a sandbox game that leaves everything up to the player. There are no goals or goals set other than the ones you set for yourself. That being said, for most players, their ultimate goal is to defeat all of the strongest mobs in the game.

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For a while, the Ender Dragon was the toughest mob in Minecraft and was considered the game’s final boss. After tons of updates, there are plenty of other powerful enemies in Minecraft, with one of the most popular mobs being the wither. Learning how to beat the wither is not easy, but there is still a lot to learn about the mob themselves.

10 The toughest mob in the game

The Wither flies around the overworld in Minecraft

The wither is arguably the strongest enemy in Minecraft. It may not hit as hard as the Ender Dragon, but it has 100 more health points and four armor points, making it a harder enemy to kill.

Depending on the level of difficulty you are playing, each of the Wither’s attacks causes between two and a half and six hearts of damage. His strike attack in the Bedrock Edition can cause seven and a half hearts of damage.


9 Inspired by Terraria

All bosses in Terraria

According to Jeb, Minecraft’s lead creative designer, the wither was inspired by Terraria. Terraria is a sandbox game that is very similar to Minecraft and is known, among other things, for its summonable boss mechanics.

The name Wither was inspired by a poison spell in another Jeb game called Whispers in Akarra, a 2D MMORPG set in a medieval fantasy world.

8th Spawn explosion

What to do to summon the wither in Minecraft

To summon the wither, you have to place four blocks of soul sand or soul earth in a T-shape and place three wither skeletal skulls on the top three blocks. If you’re struggling to collect the wither skeleton skulls needed to summon the boss, you can create a wither skeleton farm.

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After build, there is a ten second delay before the wither appears with a massive explosion. This explosion deals 49.5 hearts of damage to mobs and nearby players. It has an explosive power of seven, which is more than a charged creeper or end crystal. It is best to be far away when the withers are spawning.

7th Two-phase fight

The wither with his shield in Minecraft

In Minecraft Java Edition, fighting the wither is a two-phase battle. In phase one, the wither can be shot at with an arrow and attacked from a distance. As long as you keep the wither in an enclosed space, this part of the fight won’t be too difficult.

Phase 2 begins as soon as the wither drops below 50 percent health. Then things change. The boss receives a shield that makes him immune to both arrows and trident. You have to get very close to defeat the mob.

6th The Wither II status effect

The Wither II status effect in Minecraft

If a player is hit by one of the skulls thrown by the wither, the Wither II status effect will trigger for 10 seconds on Normal difficulty and 40 seconds on Hard difficulty. Wither II deals damage to your health every two seconds and colors the hearts in your health bar black.

Unlike the poison jam effect, Wither II can actually kill you if you’re out of health before it wears off. As with all status effects, you can drink milk to get rid of it, so you will want to have plenty of buckets with you for battle.

5 Bedrock Edition increases the level of difficulty

The wither flies in Minecraft

The Wither is difficult enough as it is, but if you’re really looking for a challenge, take on the mob in Minecraft Bedrock Edition. In the Bedrock Edition, the Wither 600 has health in contrast to 300 in the Java Edition. No mob in the Java Edition or the Bedrock Edition has more health than the Wither.

The withers also have an increased ability to fly in the Bedrock Edition, which makes it more difficult to hit. Bedrock Edition takes the Wither to a whole new level and makes it the toughest boss fight in Minecraft.

4th Blue wither skull

A blue wither skull in Minecraft

In Minecraft Bedrock Edition, the Wither can shoot blue Wither skulls at players. Aside from their color, the blue skulls are no different from the black skulls the Wither throws at you. Wither skulls explode with the same force as a ghast fireball, but are much more powerful.

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Players hit by these skulls take eight Hearts damage and then deal additional damage to players with Wither II. Wither skulls destroy blocks under blast four, so fighting the with far away from your base is a good idea.

3 Has a little hit box

The Withers hitbox in Minecraft

The most confusing thing about Wither is its hitbox. Although the Wither clearly looks three and a half blocks high, three blocks wide, and one block thick, its hitbox is only three and a half blocks high, one block wide, and one block thick.

The two smaller skulls to the left and right of the Wither main skull do not belong to the boss’s hitbox. Hitting either of these two skulls is doing no damage so it is important to focus on the center of the withers.

2 Drops a Nether Star

The Nether Star in Minecraft

Defeating the Wither is the only way to get a Nether Star. While they look cool, Nether Stars don’t have multiple uses. They are only used to produce beacons that can be used as orientation lights or to give players in the region specific status effects.

Beacons aren’t the most useful creations in Minecraft, but when you make them everyone will know you beat one of the toughest bosses in the game. An interesting fact about the Nether Star is that it takes ten minutes to despawn in the Java Edition, but never in the Bedrock Edition.

1 Wither rose

Four wither roses in Minecraft

The Wither Rose is one of the rarest flowers in Minecraft. Mobs killed by the wither will spawn a wither rose in their place. When a player walks through the rose, Wither II is dealt and deals damage.

Players can harvest these wither roses as they have many different uses. They can be used to make black dye or as part of the recipe to make suspicious stew. They can even be used as traps by placing them on a solid block.

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