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The youngest VALORANT players to join NA VCT. take part

With only one year under her belt, she has VALORANT Champions Tour still has a bright future ahead of it. After a successful first annual campaign, the VCT returns for its second outing in 2022 with the addition of national development leagues and a round-robin league-style change to the game for the Challengers series.

One region to pay special attention to is North America. NA events had some of the highest attendance numbers of any VCT event in 2021 and have been a competitive force in the top two international ones VALORANT LANs at Masters Reykjavík and Masters Berlin. At Champions, however, the wheels fell off the bus when two NA tournament favorites in Sentinels and Envy fizzled out in the group stage before NA’s actual last chance in Cloud9 Blue went to Team Liquid in the quarterfinals.

As we look to VCT 2022, we also want to consider some of the players who have a chance to become NA’s top competitors over the next few years. Here are the youngest VALORANT Players who are and will be participating in NA VCT. Since VCT has open qualifiers and it would be impossible to look at the hundreds of teams that have competed, we will be sticking to teams that have earned VCT points during the 2021 season.

XSET Zekken: 16 years old

It makes sense that such a relatively young esports organization should put the youngest player in XSET. Zachary “Zekken” cartridge, only 16 years old, was not a professional at the time VALORANT released and had to watch streams just to get access to the closed beta like the rest of us. But when he got his hands on it, he hit through immediately.

Zekken finally found his way to XSET in the summer of 2021, joining around the same time as Veteran in the middle of the season CS: GO In-game leader Rory “dephh” Jackson. Both players made an instant impression and helped the team claim consecutive wins over Sentinels and 100T in the first Challengers event of the third phase.

Zekken has shown incredible skill with a handful of agents like Raze, Skye, KAY / O and Sova and that he can handle clutch torques at such a young age.

100T Asuna: 18 years old

Image via Riot Games

At just 18, 100 Thieves’ Peter “Asuna” Mazuryk seemed a little out of place among the seasoned veterans who made up the rest of the 100T VALORANT Roster. But the youngest NA player to appear on the international stage looked right at home in big moments, and his production on duelists like Reyna and Jett has been a big factor in 100T’s success.

In the 2021 VCT, he averaged an ACS rating of 1.21 per THESPIKE, just a few places behind some of the region’s other prolific duelists like TenZ and yay. And some of his best performances of the year came in the biggest games; He scored at least 20 kills in all four map victories against Gambit and Acend at Masters Berlin.

While questions remain about what 100T VALORANT fully what will be in 2022, there is no question that Asuna should be a fundamental piece for years to come.

TSM-Bang: 17 years old

Image via TSM

While he’s currently listed as “Inactive” on the TSM roster, it would be a big surprise if Sean “Bang” Bezerra didn’t play in VCT Challengers events in 2022, be it with TSM or any other team that wants to take a risk 17 year olds with a lot of potential. Amid TSM’s tumultuous period in VCT 2021, Bang joined the list in late June and had a breakout performance at the last main Challengers event.

He finished this event with a 1.21 ACS, second highest overall rating just behind Oderus from V1 with 1.22 and just above teammate TSM WARDELL with 1.19. He was a reliable site anchor while playing Astra, but could also thrive as the Battle Sage, with a few standout performances against both Luminosity and FaZe.

He doesn’t want to sit back and wait for offers while sitting on TSM’s bench as he spent the rest of 2021 playing open events alongside teams like On The Way, BBG, SoaR and Complexity. He has also shown consistency over a large sample size, with a Top 10 ACS in the last three months among NA players with over 3,000 rounds played.

Other boy names in NA VCT

  • Version 1 cent: 18 years old
  • Ascent leg: 19 years old
  • Sentinels TenZ: twenty years old
  • Gen.G. Shawn: twenty years old
  • FaZe ZachaREEE: twenty years old

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