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The Spirit And The Mouse: Beginner Tips

Some people love to try indie games with unique concepts and premises. The Spirit and the Mouse has some fun platforming elements mixed with an adventure style by having you explore areas and complete tasks. The experience has a calming atmosphere that makes it enjoyable for anyone to play.

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Even though it’s a relaxing game, people sometimes struggle with puzzles or get stuck. You also have to play the game differently from other platformers and adventure games since you can’t jump whenever you want to. To beat the game and explore Sainte-et-Claire, you’ll have to learn some tips and tricks.


Collect Plenty Of Electricity

Electricity works as you main currency in the game, and you’ll use it to power Kibblin Generators, purchase upgrades, and more. When you come across glowing objects in the game, go to them and press your electrocute button to activate those objects and get electricity.

You’ll get some power, though you’ll notice electric items carry more money. For example, if you shock an electrical panel, you’ll get tons of electricity. So you can get more currency by completing tasksso keep going through the story if you need more money.

If you find yourself short on electricity, exit and re-enter an area. Doing so will cause the glowing objects to glow again so that you can collect more energy. The significant energy sources won’t come back, but it’s an excellent way to boost your numbers.

Look For Light Bulbs Early On

Although they may seem like an unnecessary collectible early on, you should collect light bulbs right away. Light bulbs have a blue glow, making them easier to see in the streets. These items are usually hidden behind objects, inside pots, or in hard-to-reach areas.

While they may not seem significant, they’ll help you with a quest later on and even unlock upgrades. For example, you can unlock a fast travel option to take you back to the store when you get enough bulbs for other bonuses. You can even use them to unlock detailed maps for different areasso you’ll have an easier time navigating through them.

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Use Height To Your Advantage

Since you can only jump in certain situations, you must use height to your advantage to access some locations. Doing so means climbing up high, looking towards the spot you want to land, and going off the edge while aiming at that location. If you follow those steps, you’ll get to the spot and access the items you want to reach.

For example, one of these collectibles is a light bulb on top of a table. You can reach the light bulb if you climb on top of a nearby window sill and fall off it.

So you can use heights to gain a vantage point and quickly look over the city. If you can’t find specific objectives or need help finding Kibblins, you should go higher and look around the area.

Green and Gray Electrical Boxes

You’ll come across electrical boxes as you explore the city. These boxes are sometimes grayed out, while others have a green glow. If you see a green glow, you can enter them to travel up the wires and get to a different area. They work as excellent almost travel points to reach higher areas and quickly get where you must go.

However, you’ll also come across gray boxes. If you find one without a glow, you can’t use it yet. you must find the corresponding box to activate it and travel between the two points.

You also may not have access to the green one until you continue with the story, so complete some quests to see if you can go to new places.

You’ll come across different zones and areas as you explore the city. However, you may notice particular objects preventing you from accessing different parts. For example, you can’t get past an electric gate for a while, so you’ll have to ignore it for the time being.

Once you continue with the story, you’ll gain an ability that turns you into electricity temporarily so that you can phase through certain objects. You’ll already have enough ground to cover, so blocking off certain areas will make your search easier for the time being.

Once you unlock those new powers, you’ll access different areas and continue your journey.

If you can’t access a place you want to go, continue with the story. Focus on helping people and collecting happiness since doing so will get you more powers as you collect it.

help you should collect everything you can, don’t let it stop you from progressing the story.

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Talk To NPCs For Hints

The game expects you to get involved with the world and talk with NPCs. As you go through the game, you’ll come across three main NPC types offering you different information to help you.

NPC What They Talk About
kibble They let you know the tasks you must complete for them to return to the Kibblin Box. Each has different challenges, so they’ll give you hints and point you in the right direction to finish the assignment.
human Humans offer a vague answer since they don’t talk directly with you. However, they’ll help you find the Kibblin Box as you listen to what they mention.
Kibblin Boxes Kibblin Boxes wants help you find their corresponding kibblins. They’ll let you know when they spawn, show you what they look like, and tell you how many Kibblins you must find.

If you don’t know where to start, you’ll get a waypoint for a human, then their corresponding Kibblin Box, once you discover their problem.

If you can’t find the Kibblins, talk with the Kibblin Box. It’ll let you pay some electricity to give you a beacon in the sky and an icon on the map to find a kibblin.

While some games only use the pause menu to stop the game, The Spirit and the Mouse uses it as an essential resource, such as looking through your tasks and going through the journal. You can also access the map by pressing the Select button or the equivalent button, depending on your console.

The map remains a crucial resource. Even though it won’t offer too much information initially, you can collect light bulbs to unlock detailed sections. They’ll let you know the locations of humans, the various buildings, and other information to find your way around the town.

The task section lets you see what steps you need to take to continue with that part of your quest. For example, it may tell you to go to a certain point to listen to a human’s problems or to go to the Kibblin box.

The journal keeps track of information related to specific tasks, so you don’t have to go back to the Kibblins and talk with them. For example, you’ll have to find information around the town, such as the year on a sign or how much coffee costs. You’ll find those details in the journal section, so you can pull up the riddle, read it again, and find what you need in the town.

If you ever get stuck or can’t find your way back to the area’s entrance, you have the Stuck command in the bottom-left corner of the Options menu.

Choose that option to quickly return to the area’s entrance if you don’t want to navigate the town or get lost during your adventure.

The Spirit and the Mouse offers some fun mechanics that make it relaxing and appealing. You’ll unlock new powers and areas as you complete the puzzles and do all you can to help the citizens of Sainte-et-Claire. You’ll have to think about the situations, help Kibblins, and utilize your electricity to make a difference and succeed.

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