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The Resident Evil Decades of Horror Bundle Is Here To Haunt Your Dreams > NAG

With the launch of the love it or hate it TV adaptation of Resident Evil, the franchise has been enjoying a veritable surge in popularity that hasn’t been seen since the reveal of the Tall Lady from Resident Evil: Village. With so many new people discovering the enormous, sprawling franchise for maybe the very first time, the brand new offering from Humble Bundle couldn’t be more aptly timed.

the Resident Evil Decades of Horror Bundle is one of the most worthwhile bundles the site has had on offer in a while. If you count up the price of each of the 12 games included, the bundle is worth $275, making the purchases a no-brainer if you don’t already own many of the included titles. Overall it’s a great way to get all caught up on some of the franchise’s most significant hints (looking at you, Resident Evil: 7 Biohazard) and misses (who can forget the quick-time event hell that was Resident Evil: 6).

The Resident Evil Decades of Horror Bundle Is Here To Haunt Your Dreams

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While the Resident Evil Decades of Horror Bundle doesn’t include every single Resident Evil game in the franchise, it offers a great starting point at great prices. If you have $1 to spare, you can grab the remastered version of the first game in the series, Resident Evil; Resident Evil: Revelations and Resident Evil: Revelations 2 Ep 1.

For $10, players can delve into the Deluxe Edition of Resident Evil: Revelations 2; Resident Evil 0; Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition and Resident Evil 6.

As with all Humble Bundle deals, the proceeds from this bundle will go to a good cause. Since 2010, Humble Bundle has raised over $200,000,000 for charity. This time, the proceeds will be going towards Direct Relief, providing humanitarian relief to the people of Ukraine who continue to be affected by the Russian invasion.

If you want to grab this bundle for yourself, it will be available from today through August 24th, and you can follow the link here.

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