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It’s not often that I’ll review a game and have to fight off my partner; The Pedestrian was one of those games. Let me preface this by saying my partner absolutely LOVES puzzle games. They love puzzle games as much as old ladies love knitting, or moms love zooming in on photos. And almost as soon as they saw this puzzle game, they were sold. I could only complete this review by allowing them to sit next to me and play the game. In contrast, I was merely allowed to control the mouse…

So in case you haven’t picked up on it already, The Pedestrian is a puzzle game with a seriously smooth aesthetic to match. The gameplay takes place across various signs across the world, from street signs to warning signs and even notice boards. You’ll spend your time trying to get your stick person from point A to B to progress.

What truly makes The Pedestrian work well is that the core premise couldn’t be more straightforward, leaving room for the puzzles to be the challenge instead of the controls or the gameplay. As you progress from area to area, the puzzles get progressively more challenging and build on concepts introduced before.

The Pedestrian - Watch Where You Walk

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For example, when you first start playing, you’ll find your stick person trapped within a sign, and it’s up to you to move and jump your way to the exit. Your next sign introduces the concept of keys, picking them up and using them to unlock doors. Still pretty simple stuff, but before long, you’ll find yourself in areas with multiple signs you can and must travel between.

The Pedestrian - Watch Where You Walk

The Pedestrian


There’s nothing new or groundbreaking about puzzle platforms. Yet, the Pedestrian still stands out, in no small part due to its eye-catching aesthetic. If you aren’t already a fan of the genre, I doubt this game will make you one; however, if you love a good challenge, The Pedestrian is the game for you.


One of the most aesthetically pleasing puzzle games around

Rewarding gameplay


Feels like it should be available for mobile, but it’s not

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