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The pedestrian: the best tips for beginners

The Pedestrian is a fun, charming and endlessly creative puzzle adventure game with light-hearted but challenging gameplay. In The Pedestrian, you play as a simple character who has to navigate a world full of platform puzzle areas as he moves in and through different environments. This game offers a special take on the puzzle genre by repeatedly throwing you into new places and scenarios where you actually traverse between them.

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Although The Pedestrian is not a complex game in terms of mechanics or controls, the game expects you to rack your brains after the initial stages of the game to solve the puzzles ahead. The following tips should help you get started on this fun puzzle adventure.

6th It is a puzzle, not a platform game

formerly a piece of the puzzle in the pedestrian zone

Okay, looking at videos and screenshots of The Pedestrian it looks more like a pure platform game than pure puzzle, but the latter is true. While this is not an important thing, it is still good to know before diving in, especially if you are thinking of spending money on the game.

Just know that platforming is only a small part of the game. Some puzzle areas and sections show it a little more prominently, but The Pedestrian is a puzzle game through and through.


5 Connecting doors

Connecting doors in the pedestrian zone

One of the most important game mechanics in The Pedestrian is to combine a variety of different elements so that your character can move around the puzzle. This mechanic is quite simple at first, but it quickly becomes a challenge as you have to figure out which door will best match another.

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Fortunately, the game is fairly forgiving in that there is no penalty for failure. So you should try connecting doors and moving through them to see where you end up.

4th Rearrange puzzle room pieces

small platform section in the pedestrian zone

Given the huge number of difficult puzzles in The Pedestrian, it’s nice to know that the game gives you the freedom to solve each one in a more relaxed way. The game does this by allowing you to rearrange the puzzle room pieces or tiles in a defined play area.

You will want to get used to moving around each part of the room to align the door nodes. These semicircles need to line up with another semicircle to connect them. If you can’t move door to door just rearrange the puzzle room pieces and try again.

3 Search for keys

find a key in the pedestrian

Keys quickly become an important game mechanic in The Pedestrian where you first have to find them and then navigate to them where you press a button to pick them up. As expected, the keys open a locked door that leads to the next puzzle area.

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Before connecting nodes or moving the tile pieces, find out where the key is and how to get to it most efficiently. As with most of the pieces in this puzzle game, getting to the key is pretty easy, but the challenge level increases as you progress through the game. Don’t forget to pick up the key when you find it.

2 You can use ladders in either direction

the pedestrian opening game zone

Another gameplay feature in The Pedestrian is the ability to connect two separate ladder sections to climb or descend different puzzle layouts. Usually you have to rearrange the tiles first to find out which way the ladder will ultimately go. The best thing to know about the ladder puzzles is that you can use ladders in either direction.

Don’t be afraid to move the puzzle pieces in many different ways to find the right ladder path. Often times you will have to use a ladder to get to another entrance. This door can then be connected to the last area where the door will lead you to the next puzzle. As with many parts of this game, you can play around with the tiles and door paths.

1 Moving connection nodes resets the switches

with switches in a puzzle in the pedestrian zone

After you learn the basic puzzle mechanics of creating paths and rearranging pieces of space, the game throws a new mechanic at you that makes this really complicated. After all, you will have to grapple with pressing switches or moving levers to set various platforms in motion.

One of the best things to keep in mind with switches and levers is that every time you rearrange a path or piece of tile after you hit a switch, the puzzle section you just put together is completely reset. Trial and error is the key to success at The Pedestrian.

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