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The League of Legends subreddit was ranked the second most popular gaming site on Reddit in 2021

The League of Legends subreddit has been named the second most popular Gaming subreddit this year according to new official information Reddit Recap 2021 dates.

The r / leagueoflegends LoL subreddit was pipped on the post by r / genshinimpact who took number one, while r / Gaming, r / rpclipsgta and r / ffxiv were the third, fourth and fifth most popular gaming subreddits this year.

The posts with the most upvotes on the LoL subreddit were Worlds Prediction Tournament and AOC’s Baron Snipe (see top five gaming posts below).

r / nopixel was one of the standout GTA RP (Grand Theft Auto Roleplay) services, with views up 267% year over year.

Gaming was also the second most popular topic on Reddit in 2021, ahead of sports and behind cryptocurrency.

Elsewhere, new game releases drove growth across a number of communities – r / pokemonunite grew 8.6,000% in subscribers year over year, while both r / deltarune and r / biomutant had large engagements – up 328 000% and an increase of 9.5K% in subscribers and from last year respectively.

In terms of the most positively rated posts among gaming communities on Reddit in 2021, here are the top five:

  1. r / play: Young players (220K positive votes)
  2. r / play: EA no longer has exclusive rights to the Star Wars games (173K positive votes)
  3. r / leagueoflegends: World Cup 2021 prediction tournament (83.2K positive votes)
  4. r / leagueoflegends: AOC with their Clutch Baron Snipe on IG (48.6K positive votes)
  5. r / ffxiv: times are changing (20.2K positive votes)

“What I found most interesting over the past year is how many people have banded together and switched from URL to IRL; People gathered online and redditors had a positive effect on their own – and that of others – physical community. ”

Laura Nestler, Reddit

Look at others global data and the most popular content on Reddit This year the post with the most upvotes of 2021 was on r / wallstreetbets – Times Square now – with 431K upvotes.

The most upvoted was AMAs “I am a lobster diver who recently survived being in a whale. AMA! ‘ with 90.9K upvotes.

And the top rated Reddit Public Access Network (RPAN) livestream was M to B (22.8K upvotes) on r / animalsonreddit.

Redditors created more than 366 million posts in 2021, up 19% year over year. As of November 9, 2021, Reddit had a total of 2.3 billion comments, up 12% year over year and nearly 46 billion positive votes total, up 1% year over year.

Reddit is now home to more than 100,000 active communities worldwide.

Look at UK specific dates on Reddit, UK Redditors mainly used the service this year to participate in financial discussions. In 2021, r / ukpersonalfinance, a community where UK redditors “can discuss, learn and get help on how to get money, budget, protect, save and invest”, had 75% more views.

In 2021, two other popular UK communities (both were featured in Reddit’s London Calling: One year up report) were r / askuk and r / casualuk – places UK (and non-UK) redditors can go complain about the metric system and mess the shit out of the americans. While r / casualuk grew 43% in views last year, r / askuk increased 70% in views, showing that many people have many unanswered questions about the UK and its citizens.

Reddit as a company continued its global expansion in 2021. It announced new offices in Canada, Australia, and Germany, reached new Redditors around the world, and aired its first five-second Super Bowl ad. Reddit has also shipped and brought back new features – Reddit Talk, Predictions, and CryptoSnoos Community reflections.

Regarding the Reddit Recap 2021 methodology, all data was accessed from January 1 to November 9, 2021. They took into account posts and comments (activities), community screen views (views) and selection lists, such as games, were sorted according to the percentage changes in views compared to the previous year.

Reddit’s VP of Community, Laura Nestler, said, “Our mission is to bring community and belonging to everyone around the world. Most of our work to accomplish this mission takes place online. What I found most interesting over the past year is how many people have banded together and switched from URL to IRL; People gathered online, and redditors made a positive impact on their own – and that of others’ – physical community.

“The first movers and people who are and are shaping the future of the Internet use Reddit as a place to network, discuss, debate and build up. You can see that in all of the crypto and NFT communities that are skyrocketing in popularity and engagement. “

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