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The Guard has set high goals for VCT 2022

There are already many North American teams battling it out to stand out from the crowd in the VALORANT Champions Tour 2022, but this season a brand new challenger is entering the arena. With new perspectives and proven eSport talents, The Guard aims to set an example for VCT 2022 in their first year together.

A fresh start

With a proven coach and a very intriguing roster, former Gen. G trainer Matthew “mCe” Elmore said they know their potential will make them those to be cheered in 2022.

“The potential of this roster is great to monitor,” said mCe. “Aside from Sayaplayer and Psalm, they didn’t have to prove much to themselves. JonahP and Valyn have experience together but there is so much left to prove and I want to help them learn and shape them into great players. “

MCe joined The Guard after they had already started building their roster. The American core of Harrison “psalm” Chang, Michael “neT” Bernet and Jacob “valyn” Batio was already there. But he had a say in the last two players. This is where the former T1 player Ha “Sayaplayer” Jung-woo came in because the team needed a Jett AWP player.

“I was very happy with Sayaplayer’s choice after standing across from him and watching him play on T1,” said mCe. “The other aspect was waiting for the buyout for JonahP because other teams wanted it before I came to The Guard. I thought if we got JonahP it would be a great piece for the team. “

Mixing experience and new talent

So the last two members were Former competitor of the Overwatch League Sayaplayer and former Immortals VALORANT player Jonah “JonahP” Pulice. These two talents got to play offline for the first time at Nerd Street Gamers: Ask Valorant Major in Fullerton, California. They eventually lost in the quarterfinals.

There have been moments of brilliance from the players, but the roster is still very new. The only two players who had previously played competitively with each other were Psalm and net, for the orgless Team Squirtle Squad. But despite the lack of familiarity with Psalm, he couldn’t pass up this opportunity to work with a young cadre on The Guard for VCT 2022.

“It’s exciting, especially because I had a long hiatus from being in Tier 1,” said Psalm. “Now going into battle with a more amateur-level team and having a young bunch of hungry boys will be exciting to stamp out.”

The guardian psalm
Psalm play in Fullerton for The Guard. | Photo provided by The Guard.

Psalm’s experience in esports includes Fortnite and Heroes of the Storm; he was one of the original players who switched to VALORANT from Fortnite. While the games themselves don’t have a lot of mechanical overlap, the mental aspect of esports is something Psalm knows how to handle.

“I bring a level head that we need for this younger cadre,” said Psalm. “I bring stability to mental health and help cope with losses. Strategy is the key, and I want to make sure everything is going well outside of the game too. “

Adjustment and positivity

While the psalm keeps everything in line, Sayaplayer said his priority is to ignite the flames that keep the team’s will to victory alight. This type of environment will help the team improve as they spend more time together.

“It’s a positive environment and I want to keep the passion for the game high,” said Sayaplayer. “The most important thing for me is the atmosphere and the passion.”

It is this hunger, above all, that defines this list beyond its potential. As underdogs, The Guard players said they know they can use their talents and compete against the best of NA in VCT 2022. Sayaplayer is quick to talk about his teammates and how underrated they are.

“I think Valyn and Jonah are underrated,” said Sayaplayer. “But above all, Jonah is a really smart player and mechanically gifted. With more experience, he’ll be better than so many players in NA. “

The Guard Sayaplayer
Sayaplayer plays for The Guard in Fullerton | Photo provided by The Guard.

The praise that a mechanically gifted player like Sayaplayer gives his teammates should not be taken lightly. With the experience and purpose he brought from Overwatch to VALORANT, Sayaplayer had to adapt to learn a new game while playing with mostly English-speaking cadres.

During his time at Overwatch, he worked with mostly Korean cadres. In addition to being his first VALORANT teams, The Guard and T1 were his first foray into mostly English communication. Thanks to the Korean manager Seo “Seowulf” Myungjun and his esports experience in America, Sayaplayer now communicates in English with his new teammates at The Guard. The new roster experience for him even brought out some funny moments.

“People in Fullerton went to Seowulf and thought he was Saya, which was pretty funny,” said mCe. “They are about the same size and look similar, so Seowulf had to push the autographs away a little embarrassed.”

Although the team’s start looked bright, Sayaplayer’s communication problem for both mCe and Saya surfaced immediately when he joined the list. When she brought it up, Saya didn’t wipe it off and saw it as something he still had to work on.

“It’s tough for me to be honest,” said Sayaplayer. “If I were better at English, I could explain things better and help more with decision-making. But the language barrier still makes it difficult for me. However, I speak as much English as I can and I’ve gotten better. “

Despite that barrier, mCe said he knew what he was getting when he helped add Sayaplayer to his roster. In his opinion, Sayaplayer’s communication with this team is not a problem in speaking or understanding.

“Saya’s level of understanding is great, super good,” said mCe. “He doesn’t think his English is good, but it’s enough. I originally thought it might be a problem, but I enjoyed working with him. “

Now that the team can begin solving these types of problems, all that remains is to confirm their own expectations. The 2022 season is just around the corner. So it is time to see whether this mix of experienced talent and young potential can achieve its goals.

“I have high expectations of players and when they achieve that I’ll be happy,” said mCe. “We have only played with these guys for less than a month, so we have time to develop and improve.”

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