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The future of Pokemon Unite Competitive

Unite Pokémon has been playable for about four months now. During that time the game has accumulated over 9 million players. As the game continues to grow, there have been many questions as to whether Pokemon Unite has a competitive future. Because of this, it has a chance to thrive as well as the problems it is currently facing.

MOBA advantage

pokemon unite competitive

Just because Pokemon Unite is a MOBA, of course, it attracts the interest of the competition. Games like League of Legends and DOTA paved a way for Unite to thrive. With over 20 MOBAS developed over the past 10 years, consumers can’t get enough of this genre of games. Thanks to the appeal of this genre of games, there is a natural interest in the game.

The power of Pokemon

pokemon unite competitive

Pokemon is one of the most popular franchises in the world. The series has been going strong for 25 years and is not slowing down. Even those who don’t know much about MOBAs might be inclined to give away this game thanks to the franchise. Pokemon Unite has an edge over other MOBAS thanks to the large fan base they own.

While Pokemon Unite is small in the world of MOBAs, it can be so much more. There is no need to worry about the sustainability of the game. Since it is backed by the Pokemon Company, the game has practically unlimited resources.

The Pokemon Company will show their willingness to keep the game healthy. The game may be free to play, but microtransactions to purchase skins and characters offer a win. Sales with iPhone and Android alone have exceeded $ 2 million. There is a profit to be made and the Pokemon Company can more than afford to keep this game alive.

Potential esports scene

pokemon unite competitive

Another strength that Pokemon Unite could still benefit from is the formation of an engaging esports scene. Some players and fans have already started running their own tournaments. YouTuber Daniel “aDrive” Clap has already founded his own community league called Shiny League. This league has gathered over 2,600 participants since its inception in October 2021.

aDrive may be a popular creator, but not everyone around the world is watching him. So the fact that thousands of players have shown interest in this one league is a promising sign. It is clear that Pokemon Unite is competitive what players want.

If the Pokemon Company realizes this interest, they should be more inclined to build an official esports scene. After all, they already have their own competition scene for VGC competitions as well as for the TCG.

Again, the Pokemon Company has the resources. They could certainly set up an official competition system if they wanted. As long as more players participate in community-hosted events, there is reason to be hopeful.

Online ranking stacking problem

Pokémon Unite Season 2

While Pokemon Unite is fun in its simplest form, it can be frustrating for solo players. A common complaint is stacking. Players can stack with a whole team. However, not everyone has this luxury. Some players can only queue solo.

Even so, they still face entire teams, which leads to unbalanced games. It is difficult to communicate with other players in Unite through a game chat feature. Solo players are severely disadvantaged, which makes grinding like a waste of time. Pokemon Unite risks losing general interest in the game if the queuing system doesn’t detect any changes.

Missing MMR reset

Something that Pokemon Unite desperately needs is a complete rest of rank. At the start of season two, the ranks were reset, but not from scratch. Most players saw a class drop, but that doesn’t help much. It is impossible to weed out boosted players without a total reset. This creates frustrating situations for players teaming up with teammates who are below their skill level.

Exclusivity problem

While there probably isn’t much to do with Pokemon falling under Nintendo, Unite’s unavailability on PC affects its ability to grow. The Nintendo Switch is a popular console. It has sold over 80 million units. However, that number is tiny compared to the number of PC gamers around the world.

Almost 50% of gamers worldwide play on the PC. It’s a huge market that Pokemon Unite missed out on. The player base could easily skyrocket if Pokemon Unite weren’t tightly tied to Nintendo Switch and mobile devices. If Pokemon Unite doesn’t suddenly expand to other platforms, the game is going to miss an opportunity to grow.


Pokemon Unite has a chance to be special. The Pokemon Company must capitalize on their strengths to make Pokemon Unite competitive. At the same time, some changes need to be made to alleviate the frustration of the player base.

Pokemon Unite Competitive could have a bright future with huge popularity. There is great potential for this game to become a competitive gaming staple. Now it’s just a matter of delivering correctly.

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