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The finale of this Dota 2 DPC cycle is near. Here’s everything you need to know

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The DPC leagues around the world are coming to an end. It can be tough to keep track of everything, so we’ve compiled everything about the DPC cycle and the upcoming major in Stockholm in one article.

Remember that ESL One Stockholm 2022 will feature the top 18 teams. This will be the first Valve sponsored LAN tournament after The International 2021 – the most important tournament for fans of esports and Dota 2 betting

Europe: the collapse of Nigma and the dominance of OG

The biggest surprise was the 0-6 from Nigma. The team is guaranteed to take last place, but so far KuroKy decided to make only one substitution: Fata taking ILTW’s place. This seems to be a temporary solution, as Fata had to return to the middle lane, where his results were much lower than on the fifth position.

OG are incredibly happy: they guaranteed themselves a place in the Major and only gave up two maps in 6 series. The esports powerhouse is back in action, to the great delight of the club’s fans. Follow esports tournaments at

The Gaimin Gladiators’ victory in the first DPC cycle was no fluke. The team is in second place with a match to spare, and now we can safely praise ImmortalFaith and dyrachYO.

Also, an interesting point to note is that there are two Eastern European carries in the top 2 in Europe.

We’re used to the situation in Europe where the two teams that broke through from the lower division are weaker than the big Euro Six. But not this time. Brame and Entity are surprisingly good: taking the series from the top contenders (both teams can still manage to avoid relegation) and showing a bright Dota gameplay style. Whoever drops out of the pair, the team will be missed.

How’s it going in the second division? S4 and Limmp team dominates, Alliance has managed to make it to the first division

Goonsquad have been strong enough to lose 0 (zero!) maps in DPC, but Alliance’s situation was tougher. However, in the last match the Swedes overcame Chicken Fighters and will play in the first division of the next DPC cycle.

North America: three favorites and the rest

Evil Geniuses had a rough first season, but the team was fine in the second. Jerax seems to be back in Dota for real, and the arrival of Nightfall to bootcamp has been beneficial for the whole team. Importantly, EG has already beaten QC in a head-to-head encounter, but TSM proved to be a tough team to beat.

The main drama of the region is that it finally has three competitive line-ups, but only two slots for the majors.

And then there are the 4 Zoomers, who, unfortunately for Gunnar fans, aren’t having their greatest season. There’s even a chance to drop out of the division, but they have to lose to The Cut to do so.

SEA: The leader is not considered the strongest team, there are also three top squads in the region

Fnatic is the first team to make it to the majors from Southeast Asia.

BOOM Esports – with Jakky, Yopaj, TIMS and Skem – are considered a powerhouse in the region. This is literally a collection of the biggest names of the last season. And don’t mind the loss: this is a technical win for Nigma Galaxy SEA, so no one has ever beaten BOOM in a fair match.

The competition for the third slot is fierce. It is contested by T1, who replaced 23savage with Gabbi, and Polaris with Natsumi, and SMG with the legends of the region – MidOne and Moon.

China: Only halfway through the season because of covid, but everything is already clear

It seems that all the best players in China have finally found their teams. Now there is at least some logic in the positioning of the teams in the league.

PSG.LGD needs no introduction, RNG now has the backbone of the old LGDs (Somnus, Chalice, xNova) along with God-King and FelixSaoBa. And Xtreme Gaming – basically the old VGs (Eleven, pyw, dy, Paparazi got his old nickname back and returned to mid). The only newcomer is Lou, about whom almost nothing is known.

The outsiders are clear: MagMa and LBZS appear to be doomed to wander between divisions. They are too strong for the second division, and in the first division, they get crushed by tier-1 squads.

The end of the league is near. The long-awaited LAN is ahead – ESL One Stockholm kicks off on May 12th.

Promoted article (contains affiliate links, you must be 18+ to gamble, please bet responsibly)

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