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The fall might be a big one for Samsung’s cloud gaming TVs – Bestgamingpro

Now that I’ve returned from my travels, I’m taking time to process what I’ve seen. the Samsung gaming hubwhich will launch on Samsung TVs on June 30 with cloud gaming services like Microsoft’s xCloud, was one of the things that I found particularly amazing (now Xbox Cloud Gaming).

There is no doubt that this will be a fantastic service for gamers. It eliminates the need for a gaming console by allowing you to play cloud-based games on your TV. From xCloud and GeForce Gaming, to Google Stadia and Utomik, the Samsung Gaming Hub will be integrated into Samsung’s 2022 TV lineup by the autumn. If you don’t have a console, you’ll be able to play Xbox Game Pass games on your TV.

At the Summer Titles Fest Play Days demo event in Los Angeles, I tried out games from xCloud and Utomik. The multiplayer in Halo Infinite ran like butter. Upscaling to 4K is possible if your TV is capable of handling it at 60 frames per second. Minecraft and Microsoft Flight Simulator were also on my radar. When I flew above Naples, Italy, the textures were perfect.

Even though I was playing in the cloud, I had a good performance in a game I recently played. You don’t need a powerful computer at home to play cloud games, since they leverage the computational power of data centres. Even a TV and a linked data center can run a large choice of high-end Xbox games.

Please do not rely just on my word for this. It was already being tested by HipHopGamer, who declared, “If it works like this when everyone’s house launches, game over.” before I ever got there. It’s all over. They pulled it off. Xbox 360 devoid of a case. Without a box, the Xbox. This is the Samsung Gaming Hub. I can’t believe it.”

“I won on the cloud, sweetie,” he said.

People in the United States with broadband access should be capable of using this service. According to Mike Lucero, Samsung’s head of product management for gaming, the technology has been tested and is ready for use.

Samsung’s TVs now have low-latency reaction rates, making it possible to play video games without any lag time. As a result, it introduced an Xbox area to its hub screen and included the Xbox App in the Samsung Gaming Hub on its Neo QLED, QLED TVs, and Smart Monitor Series. The TVs minimize latency by 30% when used for gaming.

“The whole idea was to make gaming a first-class citizen on our TV, and provide all things gaming together in one single experience,” Lucero said. “The pain point we’re sort of solving was that today when you turn on a TV, you see all these video apps, and if there’s anything gaming, it might be somewhere way on the end, but there’s no place dedicated to the gamers. So the whole point of the Gaming Hub was to create a place where all things gaming are together. And that was just our acknowledgment that gaming is the biggest form of entertainment. So gamers should have their own special place on the TV.”

You can play Fortnite for free on the Xbox App. Over 100 high-quality titles including Halo Infinite and Forza Horizon 5 will be available to watch. You may also play new titles from Xbox Game Studios and Bethesda Softworks on the first day of release.

Both Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 controllers, as well as the vast majority of other controllers, are compatible with the app. You can view your most recent games on the main screen. Hundreds of titles are available to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers for $15 each month. You may start up where you left off by connecting to the best gaming data center through your TV. Xbox games like Starfield, which are expected to be released in 2023, will be available on the Samsung Gaming Hub’s Xbox App from the start.

At a recent event, Utomik CEO Doki Tops showed me some of the independent games available on his company’s cloud gaming service, which will also be featured on the hub. Indie games that aren’t well known may be found here for $9 a month for early access to a library of more than 1,000 PC games and 100 games for Samsung TVs. Tops taught me how to smoothly shift from mobile gaming to the TV or PC. Whether you’re using the mobile app, TV, or PC, you’ll be able to take up right where you left off. I just played a platforming game, and the controls were really responsive..

Samsung’s content strategy is spreading from mobile devices to television sets and from entertainment to gaming, Lucero told me. As a result of the new hires, the firm began to build partnerships with gaming giants like Microsoft.

“We realized that by not having a serious commitment to gaming, we were missing out on the biggest piece of the pie in the entertainment world,” Lucero said.

And thus, throughout the last several years, the team has concentrated on building up the gaming centre. Game streaming grew in popularity during this time period. Then Samsung aimed to become somewhat of a safe haven for video games. It should be able to play at least a thousand different games.

We are in an excellent situation now,” Lucero said. Consumers seemed to appreciate our solution to their problems. We don’t exist in the eyes of the client. Nothing more than an afterthought. We’re not lining up for a fight. Consoles are a big part of our lives. We’re big fans of cloud-based video streaming. It’s all about providing as many options as possible to the end user.

If I were Nintendo or Sony, I’d be concerned about how Microsoft and Samsung would join up to provide gaming to those without access to a console. A TV could be a better option than a console at a time when we can’t get our hands on the next generation of consoles.

It brings back memories of Microsoft’s previous apprehensions about the PlayStation 2. As a game box, it would take over all computers in the house. Then there’s the polar opposite. A TV is brought into your living room by Samsung, and it provides you with the equivalent of a console.

In my opinion, the Samsung Gaming Hub and the debut of these cloud-ready TVs represent some type of market disruption and possibly a reawakening of the old concept that we could play games on so many different devices that we no longer need a console. HipHopGamer can tell you everything about it. He’ll be there for me.

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