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The Biggest Gaming News For November 8, 2022

Pokemon Scarlet & Violets gets it final trailer before launch and a Horizon MMO might be in the works.

Another big day of news is over and you’re here at the roundup to get your fill. Pokemon is very much the focus of today’s roundup, as the game got its last official trailer before it launches next week.

Elsewhere in the Pokemon world, we got a first look at some starter evolutions thanks to even more leaks, while a Horizon MMO might be in development for PlayStation. For all the details, read on.

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great tusk pokemon
via Pokemon

Scarlet & Violet’s Final Trailer Reveals New Pokemon Great Tusk And Iron Treads

We’ll start off with the Pokemon news, and this one is safe for all of you out there trying to avoid spoilers. We got the game’s last reveal trailer before its launch next week, and it reveals two new Pokemon that are referred to as Great Tusk and Iron Treads. Clearly, these aren’t the actual names of the Pokemon, and it’s likely Game Freak will reveal just what they are in the coming days. Pokemon fans think they’ve figured it out though, as they believe both could be past and future evolutions for Donphan.


Sprigatito Evolution Leaks, Leaves Fans Reeling

Now onto less official Pokemon news, as evolutions for both Sprigatito and Fuecoco have leaked online. I won’t describe or show them off here in case you’re trying to avoid spoilers, but both designs definitely have fans talking – Sprigatito’s more than Fuecoco’s. Let’s just say that Game Freak did the thing that we all expected it would do and leave it at that. If you know, you know.

Horizon Forbidden West Aloy Draws Her Bow Outside in a Snowy Field

A Horizon MMO Could Be In The Works

Moving away from Pokemon, it’s been reported that an MMO set in the same universe as Horizon Zero Dawn could be in the works from Guild Wars developer NCsoft. The report suggests that if the Horizon MMO is successful, NCsoft could be given the opportunity to make more games based on existing PlayStation properties. I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait to jump into the Knack MMO.

Dancer of The Boreal Valley boss fight in 2D
via Thomas Feichtmeir

Blasphemous Dev Reveals Rejected 2D Dark Souls 3 Game

If you’ve ever wondered what Dark Souls would look like as a 2D pixel art Metroidvania, then a certain developer that worked on Blasphemous has a present for you. Thomas Feichtmeir revealed on Twitter earlier today that he worked on some art for a 2D pixel art Metroidvania version of Dark Souls 3 that was pitched to Bandai Namco. The pitch was unfortunately rejected, but Feichtmeir revealed a screenshot of what the game would’ve looked like now that the project’s 6 year long NDA is over.

Fortnite Battle Pass Designer Joins Naughty Dog To Work On Monetization

Fortnite Battle Pass Designer Joins Naughty Dog To Work On Monetization

Finally, we may have a little bit more info on Naughty’s Dog long-awaited multiplayer game that is probably going to be a live-service Factions title. Whatever it ends up being, we now know that it’s probably going to contain a Battle Pass, as Former Epic Games veteran Anders Howard announced he’s joined Naughty Dog as a principal monetization designer. Howard worked for Epic for over seven years on Fortnite and is responsible for the game’s Battle Pass.

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