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The Best Wild Wasteland Style Mods To Add To Fallout: New Vegas

The post-apocalyptic Mojave Desert depicted in Fallout: New Vegas is already a wacky time. Adding the Wild Wasteland trait makes random encounters a little bit weirder and gives you even more improbable scenarios. But why not go all the way with it and take the ridiculousness to brand new heights?

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No matter what your favorite modding platform is, you’ll be able to find tons of mods to enhance your gameplay in the most chaotic ways. How far you can go all depends on what your computer can handle. And maybe the amount of silliness you can take. Mods to make New Vegas even weirder have been gathered here, just for you.


10 It’s A Wacky World

AWOW – A World Of Wacky is a mod with a little bit of everything. Among the many monster hybrids you get, this mod adds an extra-threatening Deathclaw that looks like the Balrog. AWOW gives you new encounters, items, and anything else you may want to break your game with.

Fight a giant sentient statue while wielding a Minecraft axe. Find a secret Easter egg weapon from Dead Space or another game. It’s time to bring complete and utter rest to the Mojave.

9 Just Randomize Everything

What better way to bring something new to your gameplay than to shake everything up at the same time? New Vegas Randomizer tests the limits of Bethesda’s framework and coding, as well as your adaptability. Every five seconds you get a change in the weather, gravity, and your jump height.

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Everything else is randomized too, like your stats and your whole starting inventory. This mod does require a script extenders. If you’re tired of predictable rewards and physics, this is the experience for you.

8th It’s Peggy Time

One of the most appreciated aspects of the Fallout games is their gold-rush era soundtracks featuring classic songs about love, loss, and uranium. Conversely, something no one likes to run into are the massive cicada-like beasts called Cazadors.

while this mod won’t lessen the brutal sting of the giant insects themselves, it will replace the awful buzzing sound they make with Peggy Lee’s song, Johnny Guitar. At least it’ll make dying to swarms of them every time you take a shortcut a little less enraging.

7 A Whole New Game

The Someguy Series is more than one mod, and you can hand-pick which experiences you want to have from the master page. New Vegas Bounties is a fully-voiced mod that brings new adventures to you via bounty quests, and then it starts to get weird.

King Of The Ring lets you live out a boxing champion fantasy right in the world of New Vegas. The very best part of this series, though, comes in the form of a super mutant companion with a rather… short and absurd vocabulary.

6 The Online Experience

There is no limit to the lengths modders will go to just to make a joke. The Fallout 76 Experience is one such mod, making light of the most tedious online interactions. If you’re feeling like New Vegas is far too calming and too much of a good time, try adding a mod with mic spammers.

Nothing gives a modern gaming experience like the sounds of enraged screaming through all kinds of headsets while you’re trying to play the game.

5 Projection Of The Regional Manager

The House Always Wins, according to Mr. House, the projected antagonist of the New Vegas Strip. But it doesn’t have to. Sometimes, Dunder Mifflin deserves a win. This mod replaces Mr. House with Steve Carell’s character from The Office, Michael Scott.

He may not be the best regional manager, but he’s certainly an improvement over the old boss. He wants you to be afraid of how much you love him. Unfortunately, this doesn’t replace Victor with Dwight, though. You’ll have to just pretend.

4 Mall Cop Itron

2009 was a weird time. Especially when Paul Blart: Mall Cop came out. It’s weird to think about the fact that a Kevin James movie that turned into a meme predates Fallout: New Vegas, but this mod has decided to combine them both for reasons no one needs to know.

The Securitrons in the game can get boring after a while, so why not replace them with everyone’s favorite bumbling mall security employee, Paul Blart? Although it does make the Vegas Strip entrance feel even more condescending, for some reason.

3 Santa’s Coming, Everyone

The Mojave wasteland doesn’t have much in the way of holidays or any other kind of celebration, but that’s not going to stop Christmas fans from going hard. The FNV Christmas Special mod puts you in the middle of a New Vegas-themed holiday special as the protagonist.

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It’s up to you to save Christmas in a hilarious string of wintery clichés and movie tropes. This mod is fully voiced and contains 14 quests, so strap into your sleigh and get ready for a long ride.

2 Nobody Ever Expects Them

Once you’ve angered the Legion, there’s no end to the kill squads they send to take you out. However, you can choose to Monty Python it up and add the mod Nobody Expects The Spanish Inquisition. This mod replaces the legionnaires that come to bother you with even more bothersome characters. They’ll be on you when you least expect it.

Beware their greatest weapons, their sharp wit, their ruthlessness, and their unexpectedness. You’d better hope you’re not on the receiving end of the comfy chair, or you’re in trouble.

1 Too Many Companions

If you’re the kind of person who has trouble deciding between the companions across the Mojave, you’re in luck. the Unlimited companions mod gives you the opportunity to pick up as many companions as you want. Collect every single companion, if you’re able to handle that kind of party.

The wackiness comes in when you’ve collected far too large of a group, and clearing rooms becomes pure chaos. Try sneaking when there are fifteen fully armored NPCs all shooting in different directions and running through walls.

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