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The best Super People settings to maximize FPS

The battle royale genre soon became a hit PUBG and Fortnites Release. The two seemed to have a monopoly over the genre, but new competitors emerged as time went on. To stand out from the competition, new titles experiment with different mechanics and in Great people Case, they are superpowers.

Great people Main map resembles PUBG, but the entire gaming experience is in a league of its own. The superpowers bring a constant element of surprise to the game. Keeping in mind that gamers need to be prepared for all kinds of perks and skills, it pays to optimize your PC. Discarding frames at crucial moments can be enough to send you back to the main lobby, and you need to make sure your PC is in tip-top shape so you can play in the most optimal of conditions.

While gamers can change some settings through Windows configurations, the in-game settings will make the real difference. Often times, when you lower your settings you will noticeably increase your frame rates and make Great people run even smoother.

When you are determined to prove your skills to other players and ready to take the next step through optimization Great people The following settings should serve you well for the smoothest experience.

  • Resolution: Native resolution
    • Using your native screen resolution is often the way to go. However, if you are struggling to get smooth frame rates even at the lowest settings, you can try lowering the resolution. Using a smaller resolution will allow your system to render less which gives you a nice frame boost.
  • Display mode: Full screen
    • Windowed mode can feel better for players stepping out of the tab Great people often, but it forces your system to render your desktop and other applications at all times. This puts a strain on your system and using full screen prevents it.
  • Maximum frame rate limit: Use the refresh rate of your monitor
    • If you have a high refresh rate monitor, you need to set its refresh rate as the maximum in Great people. If you choose a lower value, you are giving away the potential of your monitor
  • Limit lobby frame rate: 60 FPS
    • When jumping out of a match, it can be a good idea to give your system a break. A reduced lobby frame rate does just that, as it means your system can work less when you are browsing the lobby.
  • Vertical synchronization: Deactivate
    • Vsync prevents screen tearing, but it uses up some resources. It also introduces a slight input lag that competitive gamers don’t want.
  • Smooth frame rate: Deactivate
  • Nvidia Reflex Low Latency: Enable
    • Nvidia Reflex aims to reduce system latency in games. Players who want to reduce the input delay in games will benefit from enabling this feature.
  • Brightness: Personal preference
    • The game’s default brightness settings are well adjusted, but you can tinker around based on your monitor settings.
  • FPP mode FoV: 110
    • Field of View (FoV) usually depends on the player’s personal preferences, but given the competitive edge it offers, wagering it on highs like 110 is usually the right way to go. High FoV values ​​allow players to see more of their surroundings, which can help them spot more enemies.
  • Rendering size: 100
    • Decreasing the render size is only recommended if gamers cannot achieve smooth frame rates even at lower settings. If you start to decrease the rendering size, the texture quality will decrease drastically and the game will look slightly blurry.
  • Textures: Low
    • Compared to other graphical settings, textures consume the least resources. Depending on your average frames, you can experiment with higher or lower texture settings.
  • The shade: Very low
    • Shadows usually play an important role in shooter games. Players can use shadows to spot other players in certain situations, but that doesn’t happen often in Battle Royale games. Given the more hectic nature of Great people, you will hardly have to rely on shadows
  • Visibility: Very low
    • Regardless of your line of sight, you will start rendering enemy players at the same distance. If you set the viewing distance, you can only render from the map, which uses up some resources.
  • Leaves: Very low
  • Effects: Low
    • There are lots of cool effects in Great people. However, you share a lobby with a lot of other players, and if everyone uses an item with game effects at the same time it can lead to a small drop in performance.
  • Shader: Very low
  • Anti-aliasing: Very low
    • Anti-aliasing makes games look smoother. The visual quality upgrade comes at a price, however. Regardless of the visual upgrade, the loss of performance makes it difficult.
  • Post processing: Very low
  • Depth of field: Deactivate
  • Sharpen: User preference
  • AMD FidelityFX SR: Deactivate
  • NVIDIA DLSS: Deactivate

When you can’t get smooth frame rates in Great people Even after lowering your game settings, it may be time to consider upgrading. Unfortunately, gaming computers don’t age like wine, and game developers strive to keep up with the latest developments. New graphics engines, better and more realistic graphics require more resources to work with, which means that players can only win so many frames by lowering their game settings.

Not only can you lower your game settings, but you can also make sure that there are no programs running in the background while you are playing Great people and optimize Windows for games. Disabling certain Windows settings like the Game Bar can also help with your frames, but they’re not as effective as the changes you can make in-game.

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