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The best regions in Elder Scrolls Online, ranked

With over 40 regions in the Elder Scrolls Online, it can be nearly impossible to decide which one to start with or explore next. Still, it’s important to know what you’re getting yourself into when choosing a region, after all everyone is looking for a different aspect of the game to enjoy.

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Whether you’re looking for a dungeon, an armor set, some incredible quest lines, or just an aesthetic that will keep you staring at your screen for hours, Elder Scrolls Online has it all. Here are the regions perfect for whatever your MMO heart desires.

10 stonefalls

ESO Stonefalls Region

Located in Morrowind, Stonefalls is a beautiful place full of fun and interesting quests, as well as a landscape that gives you everything you are looking for. Ultimately, Stonefalls is an often-forgotten region that is undeniably stunning to play in, containing everything from mesmerizing mushroom forests to impressive but dangerous volcanic lava flows.

As for the quests, there are around 20 main story quests, each in different areas, allowing you to see the wonderful place in its entirety. While there aren’t too many memorable quest lines in Stonefalls, it will definitely keep you entertained if you choose to play on quests. There are also six Dungeons/Delves available.


9 Vvardenfell

ESO Vvardenfel Region

If delves are your favorite thing to do in Elder Scrolls Online, then look no further than Vvardenfell. It has six unique vaults for you to explore and also has a wonderful capital city which, although opinion-based, is particularly well laid out. It’s also one of those regions with a variety of locations and designs, all in one place. Vvardenfell has some gorgeous mushroom jungles, intense forests, and even a variety of lava-filled rocks ready to burn you up if you’re not looking.

The only problem is the lack of Dark Anchors. Many players love these world events and the lack of one really leaves a hole in the region. It might have some interesting quest lines and stunning aesthetics, but for many the lack of Dark Anchors is unforgettable.

8th reaper march

ESO Reaper's March region

Once you enter Reaper’s March, you will love it. Despite the rather spooky name, Reaper’s March is a beautiful region to wander through, although there are a few more spooky places if that’s what you’re looking for. In a way, this region is made for it, it has something for everyone and therefore everyone can appreciate its beauty and benefits. Whatever you’re looking for, Reaper’s March has it.

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You can find five Delves, which is below average, but you can also participate in two group dungeons, which for some makes up for that and more. Or if you’d rather learn about the lore of this beautiful place, there are 12 main quests and around 40 side quests to complete. Overall, there are a variety of elements to explore in Reaper’s March. It’s definitely one of the more aesthetically pleasing pages on ESO.

7 Western Skyrim

ESO Western Skyrim Region

It’s pretty clear that Skyrim was going to be a hit when it launched in ESO in 2020, and when it looks like it’s not a huge argument. It has all the ingredients of the beloved Skyrim and brings its own online spin.

While it may not be what all fans were expecting, the region is still incredibly fun to play with and there are little Easter Eggs scattered around for die-hard fans to find.

6 Northern Elsweyr

ESO Northern Elsweyr Region

Dark Anchors may be fun, but nothing beats battling dragons. Northern Elsweyr has many particularly enjoyable aspects, but these world events simply cannot be matched, especially when compared to other world events available in ESO. While it may be a very personal opinion, the dragons seem to be tougher and just manage to pull you right back into Skyrim.

If you prefer longer story quests, this region might not be ideal for you, as there are only really eight main quests to complete. However, they are incredibly interesting and often entertaining, but nothing compares to these dragons.

5 Cyrodiil

ESO Cyrodiil region

Ultimately, having a favorite region is a very personal opinion, but an even more divisive notion is that of PVP and PVE preferences. Luckily ESO got it right here, if you want to battle other players then go to Cyrodiil and do your best. If not, stay away and you’ll be fine.

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So if you are looking for PVP then Cyrodiil will be the region where you will spend most of your time. That’s by no means a bad thing, but Cyrodiil is an incredibly fun and challenging region that you’ll never forget.

4 coldharbour

ESO Coldharbour Region

While some regions of Elder Scrolls Online can pride themselves on their beauty, Coldharbour is the complete opposite. It’s cold, dark, and just plain evil-looking, which is probably why so many players love exploring it. Or it could be the wonderful lore behind it being Molag Bal’s Oblivion domain after all.

Still, this region is perfect for anyone who loves the wicked side of the Elder Scrolls and loves seeing the destruction Molag Bal can bring to such a helpless landscape. The many quests often reflect such an influence, as do the fantastical world events unfolding in this relatively large region. It is a wonderful region that is worth visiting.

3 deshan

ESO Deshaan Region

While Deshaan’s aesthetic is certainly pretty, with its lush forests and sometimes dangerous kwarma mines, it’s what you can get out of this region that really draws players in. Depending on how you want to play the game, you can get hold of the Mothers Sorrow armor set, one of the most powerful sets in the game for a Magicka DPS build.

To get this set, all you have to do is complete quests and enjoy the region with everything it has to offer. A worthy exploration for a Magicka DPS character.

2 gold coast

ESO Gold Coast Region

What Gold Coast lacks in dungeons (of which there are only two) it makes up for in sheer beauty and wonderful DLC quest lines. If you want to pursue the Dark Brotherhood, you will probably spend most of your time on the Gold Coast.

Spending so much time in this beautiful landscape is, as for many players, an absolute treat that many fondly remember. Even if you do get a sizable bounty on your head a couple of times.

1 black wood

ESO Blackwood region

One of the more recent additions to the Elder Scrolls Online, Blackwood is quickly becoming a fan favorite, particularly with the introduction of companions. They bring a new twist to the game and allow you to explore this fantastic region with someone fighting by your side.

There are seven main quests to explore and six interesting caves if that’s your preference when exploring a region. Nevertheless, it is the companions that are really fun at this location.

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