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The Best Quotes From Immortality

Immortality is a game like no other: you go through scrambled scenes and try to understand the story, only to end up more confused than when you started. Immortality is poetic in its use of cinema as a tool for blurring what is real in the game and is a master at depicting the debauched parts of Hollywood life. It was a surprisingly interesting story, even if the show’s subject was a B-Grade actress who never really took to fame.

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But it’s only natural that a work like this would have quotes you’d look back to and think of as profound or simply relatable. Here are a few sayings from the game that would make you revisit it (or play it if you haven’t).


10/10 Conceal Ambrosio’s Sins

Marissa in the graveyard in Immortality

There’s nothing more satisfying than seeing the self-righteous get owned by the reality of their ways. In the movie “Ambrosio,” the priest was prone to lecturing others about getting led astray and lifting himself among others as unblemished.

It will be better for you to continue as you have done, show an outward severity for the sins of others to better conceal your own.

In this scene at the tombs, Ambrosio feels guilt for sealing the fate of a nun with a child to death. He began wavering upon this decision until the temptress reminded him of the move to continue down this sinister path since it would lead to his undoing.

9/10 Suffering From Success

Actor from Immortality

Many dubious things go down after he says this, but this is the definition of suffering from success. Whatever happens next in the plot doesn’t take away from the fact that some people can’t cope with their own rise and meet their demise through the same success.

When you make a lot of money, it can go two ways. Either you grow with it, be happy, or you stay small, and it makes you sad.

In the same fashion, it does strike a chord with the sinister things happening behind the scenes, in which The One couldn’t feel satisfied with the outcomes of every film she makes with humans.

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So maybe this is a good reminder for you to accept what you are and spend some time treating yourself right if you have the means and cash to do so.

8/10 Money’s A Good Motivator

Marissa in a mansion Immortality

In this day and age, why shame anyone who wants to turn into a profit? With rising prices and depreciating currencies, you’ll be lucky to even have a job.

There is no shame in doing something for the money. Michelangelo worked on commission.

This quote was followed up with the infamous quip of “But you are no Michelangelo” by the same lady, an obvious underhanded compliment. Despite that, this quote can be a friendly reminder that there’s nothing wrong with working with what you have and sticking with the job you have right now. You may not be cruising with your dream job just yet, but if it feeds you, there can’t possibly be anything wrong with it (as long as you aren’t killing anyone for art’s sake, you’re good).

7/10 Someone Can And Will Profit Off Of Other People’s Suffering

The One from Immortality

What makes this quote memorable is that The One did profit, or even thrived, off of using other people for her twisted pursuit of art. She killed multiple people for not meeting up to her standards and possessed innocents just to be part of movies.

It’s possible to profit from the dark times, ride the chaos, but it’s dangerous.

But she isn’t wrong when she says that dark times can turn a profit, and this might be true for her since she did suck the emotions out of sentient beings and vicariously lived through their experiences.

6/10 A Toxic Way To Create Art

Marissa with the detective in Immortality

In this role, it is implied that Marissa’s character murdered the artist and former lover, and she indulges the detective of the story and even goes as far as going into a relationship with the said detective.

He broke his girls down until they were the forms he wanted.

But what Marissa said here about women being shaped by the late artist shows just how far a person can go about art. It hearkens back to the game’s overarching theme: that human lives are irrelevant in pursuing a great work of art.

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But this quote, taken out of context, is rather miserable in itself, almost reminiscent of the Black Swan movie.

5/10 Ambrosio’s Finally In Hell

Immortality Marissa in Ambrosia in Hell

Going back to the priest who was all self-righteous, it was revealed that he went to Hell in the movie. Nothing more satisfying than seeing a villain (who didn’t think he was a villain, by the way) go down a route of punishment for committing a spree of heinous crimes.

Completed of all mortal vices. Is not pride a sin?

Marissa’s temptress character makes an amazing point at what was obvious all along: that the priest was proud in his purity when he was far from it, given that he took advantage of a woman and sent another to her death without a second thought.

4/10 Art Isn’t Just About Beauty

Art is an intellectual exercise Immortality

Carl quips that art is an intellectual exercise in this conversation, and we couldn’t agree more after spending hours and hours in this game trying to figure out the exact sequence of the story. While it’s difficult to understand how everything falls into place, it undeniably made us think while enjoying the process of how movies are made.

Art is an intellectual exercise.

Maybe it is an intellectual exercise, or perhaps the characters fell victim to navel-gazing. We can’t be sure about anything except that all the characters in this game are heavily invested in the art of movies and theater.

Even if the process isn’t exactly clean and is controversial and messy in more ways than one. In the end, we did our that The Other, specifically, does appear to look at it from an intellectual standpoint with the standards he has for film in general.

3/10 Art As Creative Destruction

Artists create transform and destroy Immortality

The One reveals herself in this shot, with two of the people she’s killed in the film through bizarre “accidents.” It turns out that what she’s saying does have a darker twist to it since she also references destroying real people to create and transform. This creative destruction is again an evident theme in the game since she goes through the process of manipulating multiple people in order to convey what she wants.

Artists create, transform, and destroy.

But who can blame her when art is literally her lifeblood? The sole reason it exists is that people create movies and even go as far as wanting to possess anybody who gets involved in her filmmaking experience.

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But the destruction isn’t exclusive to the people around her; it was shown multiple times that she bleeds for art (literally). She can’t sustain more than one lifeform at once, but she forces herself to do so to achieve the outcomes she desires.

2/10 It’s All About The Packaging

A person can be art, if they're repackaged right

Not all is blood, cinema, and gore in this game: it does have some positive quotes once in a while that can remind you that you can be a beautiful piece of art. But maybe it is all blood and cinema since it’s no secret that The One probably saw herself as art as long as she could keep (literally) repackaging herself into a different person for a different role and purpose.

A person can be art, if they’re packaged right.

It also shows in multiple scenes where she’s sustained her possession with more than one person in the cast.

1/10 Caffeine Is For The Weak

I'll sleep when I'm dead Immortality

And this is as relatable as it gets. Whether you’re working yourself thin or speed running through schoolwork, this seems like a motto for everyone surviving the daily grind who just can’t sleep when there’s so much left unfinished.

I’ll sleep when I’m dead, let’s go.

The only problem with this quote is that The One seems to be above the concept of death as long as she finds a new host, which makes this a lie coming from her. But try not to make your body force you to sleep forever, even if there’s a lot to be done.

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