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The Best Nobles to Marry In Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord

One of the best ways to get a powerful companion in Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord is through marriage. Nobles are usually high-level characters with unique personalities, and they can help you grow your clan and take different roles, from leading parties to governing your towns and cities.

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What you’re looking for in a potential spouse is their skills, age, and the strength and influence of their family and clan. You can search through all the single nobles in the game’s encyclopedia, but if you don’t have the time to browse through all of them, knowing the best options for each culture can save you some time.


12/12 Female Aserai Spouse

Arwa, vassal of Aserai kingdom, a heavily armored lady

Arwa is from the clan Banu Sarran, a fairly strong clan of the Aserai kingdom. She has daring and generous personality traits, and the devious trait means she’s willing to turn a blind eye to some of your shady businesses.

She is in her early twenties and already has very high combat and social skills. She would be a formidable captain for your Aserai noble troops. Her steward skill is only 60, so she won’t be the best party leader or governor, but it’s easy to train that skill with a little patience.

11/12 Male Aserai Spouse

Usair, vassal of Aserai kingdom, a lord in brown clothes

Usair is a young lord from the second-strongest clan in the Aserai kingdom, the Banu Qild. He has honest, generous, and cruel personality traits, so he doesn’t tolerate bandits and law-breakers.

He has decent combat skills, so he can lead as a captain for most troop types in your army.

But his strongest skills are in leading a party, governing a settlement, or even leading a trade caravan. With 100 in the trade skill, he can make decent profits for you if you choose to assign him as a caravan leader.

10/12 Female Battanian Spouse

Corein, vassal of Battania, a lightly armored lade with spears on her back

Corein is the daughter of the high king of Battania, Caladog. The Fen Gruffendoc clan is the strongest clan in the Battanian kingdom, and a good relationship with them can help you immensely. She is a daring combatant, but she lacks generosity and mercy.

Her combat and leadership skills make her a great captain and a valuable fighter to accompany you in battle. Even though she doesn’t have any steward skill, she is very young, and you would have plenty of time to train her in steward for later in the game.

9/12 Male Battanian Spouse

Mengus, vassal of Battania, a lord adorned in scale armor

Mengus is Corein’s brother, the first child of high king Caladog. You have to keep in mind that Mengus or Corein won’t automatically inherit the kingdom after their father passes away, so if you marry either of them in the hope of controlling the Battanian kingdom someday, you might be disappointed.

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But still, like his sister, he has high combat skills, and even a steward skill of 100, making him a great companion for leading his own party or governing a fief.

8/12 Female Empire Spouse

Ira, vassal of Southern Empire, heavily armored lady with loepard fur around her shoulders

Ira is the daughter of the deceased emperor, Arenicos, and the current leader of the Southern Empire, Rhagaea. She has a brave yet impulsive and cruel personality. Just like the Battanians, she won’t automatically inherit the rule of the Southern Empire, and after the death of Rhagaea, the clans will vote for a new ruler.

Even still, she is a strong companion with high charm and decent combat skills. And since she is in her early twenties, she will have plenty of time to train in other skills if needed.

7/12 Male Empire Spouse

Phostor, vassal of Western Empire, a heavily armored lord with a large shield on his back

Phostor is a 19-year-old lord from the Lonalion clan of the Western Empire. The clan is relatively average in wealth and power, but Phostor himself can be an exceptional spouse with no negative personality traits.

He has a wide range of skills, with high levels in his combat abilities. He needs more training in skills such as steward or leadership to make him compete with other nobles, but he will have plenty of time to do so.

6/12 Female Khuzait Spouse

Yana, vassal of Khuzait, a lady in green dress

Yana is the daughter of Mesui from the Khuzait clan, Khergit. For those who are familiar with the Khuzait Khanate, Mesui is known as a fierce and unstoppable leader, and her daughter has the skill and personality to follow in her mother’s footsteps.

With 140 in leadership, tactics, and steward skills, Yana can lead large parties and help you in battle. Those same skills will make her a great governor for your towns and castles, and she is still a decent captain for your cavalry and horse archers.

5/12 Male Khuzait Spouse

Esur, vassal of Khuzait, a lord in heavy bronze armor

Esur is the brother of Yana, another young noble from the Khergit clan. He is not as cruel or calculating as her mother or sister, but he is still a brave and generous lord with great connections to nobles from all over Calradia.

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He has skills similar to his sister and can perform the same roles. His steward skill is a bit lower than Yana, but he more than makes up for it with his high combat abilities.

4/12 Female Sturgian Spouse

Svana, vassal of Sturgia, A heavily armored lade with a large ax on her back

Svana is a noble of clan Vagiroving, a strong clan from the Sturgian kingdom. She is a young lady with daring and honest personality traits, the latter of which is very rare among the Calradian nobles.

She has decent skills in all leadership aspects, even trade, and her combat prowess makes her an exceptional captain for all troop types, even archers, which in the Sturgian armies could desperately use the help of an experienced captain.

3/12 Male Sturgian Spouse

Simir, vassal of Sturgia, a lord with heavy armor and a large shield

Simir is the son of King Raganvad. Raganvad and his clan, Gundaroving, aren’t the most popular among the Sturgians, but they still hold a great deal of wealth and power in the kingdom.

While this young lord lacks positive personality traits, he has the highest combat skills at the young age of 18. With almost max skills in polearm and one-handed, under his leadership, even the Sturgian Druzhinnik Champions can go toe-to-toe with the Empire and Vlandian cavalry.

2/12 Female Vlandian Spouse

Liena, vassal of Vlandia, Lightly armored lady with shield and spears

Liena is from the clan dey Tihr, one of the strongest baronies in the Vlandian kingdom. She has the best personality traits among all other nobles on this list, assuming you aren’t planning on playing a cruel or devious character yourself.

On top of her excellent personality, Liena is also the best party leader or governor you can marry. She still has decent combat capabilities, but with 160 skill in leadership and tactics, and 140 in steward, she can lead strong parties on her own.

1/12 Male Vlandian Spouse

Alary, vassal of Vlandia, a lord in light armor and red robes

Alary of the dey Meroc is the son of king Derthert. He doesn’t have the best personality, with the cruel, closefisted, and calculating traits, but his varied skills and influential family still make him a great spouse.

He has high enough skills in all categories to make him a viable option for every role. From leading parties, governing fiefs, being a captain, or even running trade caravans, Alary is the jack of all trades.

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