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The best iPhone games of 2021

The gaming industry grew significantly in 2021, and mobile gaming played a huge role in that growth. Over the past few years, the mobile gaming offering has expanded exponentially, along with the technologies that enable cell phones to become powerful handheld devices that can play some incredible titles.

In 2019, Apple launched a mobile game subscription service called Arcade, which has proven to be the best option for casual gamers. For the cost of $ 5 per month, users have access to more than 200 games on their handheld devices, playable offline on all Apple products, allowing players to discover new developers and high quality mobile games.

These are the best iPhone games of 2021.

PokIt ismy UNIT

Pokémon UNITED is a free MOBA developed by TiMi Studio Group and published by Nintendo, featuring standard games between two teams of five players each. The game takes place on a map called Aeos Island, which, like most MOBAs, is split in half. Players must earn points for their respective teams by defeating wild Pokémon.

At the beginning of the game, each player controls a relatively weak Pokémon that they need to strengthen in order to unlock new skills. It does this by catching wild Pokémon and defeating enemy players. The game also features a new mechanic called Unite Moves, which acts as a unique ability for each Pokémon unlocked when the Pokémon reaches a certain level.

Pokémon UNITED is available as a free-to-play game in the Apple App Store.

Rocket League sideswipe

Rocket League sideswipe was made by the creators of. developed Missile league and enables players to play the popular esports title on their handheld devices. It was released in November and started with the Fourteen days Crossover event Lama-Rama.

With touch controls and two-minute matches, users can compete against opponents in one-on-one and two-on-two games. Players can compete competitively online or in private matches with friends. By playing online matches, they can unlock special items as part of the Rocket Pass and customize items for their cars.

Rocket League sideswipe is available as a free-to-play game in the Apple App Store.

Pikmin flower

Pikmin flower is the newest game in Pikmin Series and is developed by Niantic. The game motivates players to go for walks and spend time outside, much like Pokémon walk, and players will be rewarded with flower petals and items that can be grown or fed to your Pikmin. The main idea of ​​the game is to plant flowers as you wander around the world and use the rewards to build an army of Pikmin that you can then send on expeditions to retrieve more items.

With world events giving players even more rewards and faster growth rates for their Pikmin, players can also take photos of their virtual Pikmin for daily calendar entries. In order to encourage players to get out and about, the game not only has a built-in data source for the steps taken, but it also allows users to connect the app to Apple Health.

Pikmin flower is free to play and available in the Apple App Store.

Origins of the rush rally

Origins of the rush rally is a new version of the original Rush rally Racing game and combines top-down racing with improved graphics and performance at 60fps. With 36 new stages, the game offers the ability to control the time of day and weather, as well as the ability to drive on different terrain such as snow, gravel, dirt, mud and asphalt.

Players can take part in rally championships, challenge the global leaderboards and improve on a wide range of classics Rush rally Maintenance.

Origins of the rush rally is available on the Apple App Store for $ 4.99.

Marvel Future Revolution

Marvel’s newest mobile game is the company’s first release of an open world action RPG for handheld devices. Made with Unreal Engine and fully realistic 3D graphics, players can explore a huge open world and experience a new narrative based on original Marvel stories.

The players embark on a campaign as a Marvel superhero, complete missions, collect costume pieces, take part in battles and interact with other heroes and all regions of the world.

Marvel Future Revolution is free to play and available in the Apple App Store.

You are baba

You are baba is a puzzle game developed by indie developer Arvi Teikari. The game began as a demo for the Nordic Game Jam in 2017 and was later fully crafted for release on PC and Nintendo Switch in 2019. The mobile version for iOS and Android was only released this year.

The game focuses on mechanics that allow players to change the rules over time. Rules in each level are blocks that players interact with, and players have to experiment how different manipulations of it cause different interactions. The blocks allow the player to transform themselves into a rock or grass into dangerous obstacles, and the objective of each level can be changed to something completely different.

You are baba is available for $ 6.99 on the Apple App Store.

The Oregon Trail

The Oregon Trail was originally a text-based strategy game released on the Apple II in 1971. That year, however, the game made a comeback with Apple’s arcade subscription service for iPhone devices.

Developed by Gameloft, this is a cultural classic that most gamers will enjoy. In the iOS version of the game, players choose a tour group, fill the car with supplies, and go on an adventure full of decisions and dangerous situations that require the use of intellect and strategy. Different classes are available for the group players to choose from, and each has different skills, items and personalities. To keep each of them alive, players must take care of them before they end up as victims on the street.

The Oregon Trail on iOS allows 15 different playable journeys and seven quests inspired by real historical events. Players can experience mini-games, collect animals, achieve achievements, and get to know real places.

The Oregon Trail is available on the App Store for a subscription fee of $ 5 for Apple Arcade.

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