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The Best Free Games For PlayStation 4 and 5

Promoted article (contains affiliate links, you must be aged 18 and over to gamble; please bet responsibly)

On March 29th, Sony announced the new PlayStation Plus subscription service, which includes a bunch of games each month.

But the luckiest and savviest players can already download free games by visiting the PS Store. True fans surely wouldn’t want to miss this opportunity. If you’re among those lucky ones, consider the various alternatives we’re going to share with you below. Keep reading to find out more about free games like available for every fan.

King’s Tale: Final Fantasy XV — If You Are Single-Player Game Fan

The free prequel to Final Fantasy XV is made in a completely different style. While the base game allows players to plunge into a large-scale role-playing adventure, a King’s Tale works within the rules of the standard beat ’em up adjusted for the weapons in the hands of the hero. In addition, instead of high-quality 3D, the title offers top-notch quality pixel art, which perfectly combines with the mechanics of the game. The “adventure”, of course, is much shorter than the main story. So, you are able to beat the game in just an hour and a half. Despite the time, the game perfectly performs its task — it entertains a player.

Alternatives: Dynasty Warriors 8 Empires Free Alliances Version, Let It Die, Hitman 2 – Free Starter Pack

For Company (If It Doesn’t Mind Shooting) — Destiny 2

If you don’t want to play against someone, but together, you should pay attention to Destiny 2. The free shooter focuses on PvE content. Not all the elements are free – the lion’s share of the story is hidden in the additions that you have to buy to get the full access. If you don’t want to spend money, there is a lot of entertainment for free as well. For example, the high-level raids.

alternatives: Warframe, Vigor, APB Reloaded

If You’ve Got Itchy Fists — Dead or Alive 6: Core Fighters

There aren’t many free fighting games on PlayStation, but you can find a few. These include, for example, Dead or Alive 6, the last part of the long-running franchise to date. The free version offers only basic fighters and free battles (including online ones if you have a PS Plus subscription), and the remaining characters, costumes and story mode are available for money only. However, the basic functionality is more than enough to get acquainted with the franchise and honor your skills.

Alternatives: Dead or Alive 5 Last Round: Core Fighters, Dissidia Final Fantasy NT Free Edition.

Fans of “Battle Royale” — Fortnite

It is probably the most famous of today’s battle royale games, often popping up in various scandals (the most famous one is the trial with Apple). Fortnite needs no introduction. Today it’s hard to meet a person with little interest in gaming who hasn’t seen Fortnite at least once, but just in case: gamers find themselves on a large map and fight each other until only one remains alive. You are supposed to search for new guns on the ground and survive by any available means in an ever-shrinking combat zone. An important feature has long been the ability to build, but those who want to just shoot, can buy a separate mode.

Alternatives: PUBG: Battlegrounds, Apex Legends, CRSED

For Those Who Don’t Like To Be Alone — Final Fantasy XIV*

For MMOs fans there are some games in the PS Store. Undoubtedly, one of the most appealing one — Final Fantasy XIV with a free trial*. Those who have already tried it are surprised by the amount of content the game provides for free: in addition to the full original version (with a levelcap of 60), you can also play the first add-on for free. Of course, you will face restrictions, but there is more than enough to enjoy the gameplay. Some players believe the trial version is enough for a couple months.

Alternatives: Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet Trial Version, Genshin Impact, Tera

For Robot Fans — Mobile Suit Gundam Battle Operation 2

Those who missed MechWarrior or always wanted to get into this robot on their own, will be pleased with Mobile Suit Gundam Battle Operation 2. Players fight for dominance on the battlefield, controlling huge mechs from the anime series, which has not lost its popularity for over 40 years. There are various versions of gundems and the possibility of fine-tuning them. Players have to fight not only on the ground, but in space as well. Additionally, the game works even without a PS Plus subscription.

Alternatives: Hawken, Wolfenstein: Youngblood — Trial

Don’t Forget About The Movie — Matrix Awakens: An Unreal Engine 5 Experience

The best evidence of the fact that “cinematic experience” is not always an insult. The technodrama, released at the same time as Matrix: Resurrection, demonstrates a new level of graphics and allows you to look at everything in dynamics, literally trying out nextgen. Sometimes it is almost impossible to distinguish between the game and reality, although the characters’ eyes and micro-animations give away the nature of what’s more of an experience than a game. However, as entertainment for half an hour, Matrix Awakens fulfills its role, and no one expects more.

Alternatives: Batman: The Telltale Series — Episode 1, The Council — Episode 1, King’s Quest — Chapter 1

Speed ​​Fans — Rocket League

The famous game about car football – Rocket League – is now free and available to all comers. Now anyone can easily try to cope with the crazy physics of the game in several modes – from duels to hockey and basketball analogues with their own features. Plus there is a ranking system, combat passes and other types of entertainment like visual customization of the car.

Alternatives: Heavy Metal Machines, Crossout, Dreadnought

For Those Who Miss Arena Shooters — Splitgate

This shooter brought a portal system to gameplay. This innovation has pretty much changed the feeling of the game, although the basis remains the same. You can choose one of several modes: from FFA and “Domination” to the more insane ones, like Instagib, where everyone is armed with the “rail”.

Alternatives: Rogue Company, Paladins, Blacklight: Retribution

For Technology Fans: World of Tanks

We cannot exclude tanks in this collection. A huge number of different vehicles, from historical to modern, with the possibility of detailed configuration, dozens of maps, tactical diversity, and much more waiting for you in this game. Plus, as in any MMO, you can join clans and fight for global domination in a separate mode – in general, the providers have done their best to keep players entertained.

Alternatives: World of Warships, War Thunder, Armored Warfare

Promoted article (contains affiliate links, you must be aged 18 and over to gamble; please bet responsibly)

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