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The best FPS games of 2021

The past year has been slow for new games, but there have been some notable releases. While the ongoing pandemic is delaying important sequels like Overwatch 2, the new FPS titles released this year got a lot of media attention.

Here’s a round-up of the best FPS games currently playable, including those released in previous years that received frequent content updates in 2021.

Halo infinite

Picture over Xbox

Halo infinite, arguably the most anticipated game of the year, was released on November 15th. It has a single player campaign as well as multiplayer modes. In single player mode, players will spend a lot of time grappling with high-tech vehicles and battling challenging alien bosses.

For those familiar with Titan Fall, Apex legends‘Boy Scouts, or Overwatch‘s Widowmaker, the grappling hook will feel familiar in the game world and yet feel organic. Halo infiniteThe inside and outside of s feels typical of the brand with previous ones gloriole Title – not to mention graphically elegant. For many, Halo infinite meets expectations and offers a satisfactory update to the franchise.

Death loop

Picture over Playstation

Death loop is a sci-fi single player FPS title developed by Arkane, the creators of Dishonored and prey. The game, which keeps players trapped in a never-ending loop, was released on September 14th of this year and features a two-handed ego mechanic. Players must find and eliminate eight targets in order to escape the loop. There aren’t huge time constraints, however, so curious completers can explore the colorful, dynamic world and complete side quests if they want to get the most out of the game.

Back 4 blood

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Back 4 blood is an FPS developed by Turtle Rock Studios, the makers of left 4 Dead. The game features tons of bloody survival horror, zombies and mutated creatures. Released on October 8th of this year, Back 4 blood offers a cooperative mode and a sophisticated campaign mode. For fans of the Downfall Franchise or survival titles like Dead by deadlight, Back 4 blood will feel like a fresh yet familiar experience.

Call of Duty: Vanguard

Picture over GameSpot

Call of Duty: Vanguard is a military FPS developed by Sledgehammer Games and released on September 10th this year. It is set during the Second World War and offers single and multiplayer game modes. In Multiplayer, players can select “Battle Pace” to get a game and map tailored to the type of battle and FPS experience they’re looking for. The players can choose between tactic, attack and lightning speed, each offering a different map and a different number of total players.

The single player campaign mode gives players the opportunity to experience battlefields from several different locations around the world. The fights are intense and the story a bit sensational at times, however vanguardIts strength lies in its uninterrupted action. The campaign focuses on character development while also offering plenty of opportunities for FPS battles. Each character has different physical characteristics and skills, so players can try new skills every time they change characters.

Apex legends

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Even though Apex legends has been on the market for almost three years, its developers at Respawn – the makers of the Titan Fall Franchise – continued to bring out frequent updates, new game modes and maps, and new legends. This year, apex saw its player base doubled on Steam since it was added to the PC platform in November 2020. Some websites appreciate that apex has one million active players online anytime.

For everyone who is wondering why apex continues to be popular, look no further than developers’ continued commitment to delivering high-demand content. Following the release of Olympus and the updates to Kings’ Canyon, some players asked for a new map that was bigger, less open, and less vulnerable to third parties. Respawn listened and released the huge, mountainous Storm Point on November 2nd. Some also wanted a different game mode than the traditional battle royale, and developers launched the arena and ranked arena modes earlier this year.


Image via Riot Games

Riot games’ VALORANT continues to be one of the most popular FPS games this year, with a steady increase Twitch viewership since its publication. The developers continued to create new content for the game, with four new agents in 2021. Duelist Yoru, Controller Astra, Initiator KAY / O and Sentinel Chamber were added VALORANT this year. The new additions have helped keep the gameplay fresh and keep fans excited as they try out the new agents.

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