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The best early access games available now

The best games are the ones that haven’t even been released – but you can get a sneak peek at these titles! They’re available in Early Access, which means they’re not quite finished yet, but they’re extensive enough to be fun for gamers. If you can handle a few extra bugs, you will get the game at a discount.

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The difference between an early access game and a beta game is that people pay for an early access game while beta games are usually free for a select number of people. If you have a few more dollars to spare this month, these are the spectacular titles you should get!

Updated December 5, 2021 by Gabrielle Huston: Early Access games are a fantastic way to play good, cheap indie titles, but they’re also constantly changing. We updated this article to keep it current by removing games that were removed from Early Access and adding new games for you to check out!

Village romance

Village romance screenshot of the game board

Available on …

If you have ever played the popular European board game “Carcassone”, village romance will sound very familiar to you. In it, players work to build their kingdom from the ground up – literally. Place hexagonal puzzle pieces in digital space to create farms, cities, forests, trains, rivers and more! The more sides of the hexagon that match the parts around it, the more points you will get.


It’s strangely addicting once you get a feel for the rules, and so satisfying to build your adorable little world. Although it hasn’t been released yet, a “creative mode” was promised where you don’t have to worry about points! Look out for this adorable title.


Craftopia in-game screenshot of the player's farm

Available on …

Craftopia is an open world survival indie game available in English, Japanese, and Simplified or Traditional Chinese. There have been some bad reviews due to misunderstanding. Fans thought the game would be dumped by the company, but they were just announcing another game that a completely separate team will be working on.

The gameplay will include all your favorite hobbies from other leisurely games like Stardew Valley or Minecraft, including hunting, farming, magic and exploration! While reviewers have found it to be a bit clunky and / or flawed in places, they usually insist that it is to be expected from an Early Access title and that the time they have spent in it is worth the price, too be.

ToGather: Island

ToGather Island - In-game screenshot when the player is swimming

Available on …

ToGather is a lesser known early access title. This survival game challenges you Travel across a series of islands full of puzzles. The developers describe it as a “Science Fantasy” world as you travel next to a “Golem” (a little robot) and come across mystical and wondrous things on your adventure.

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As a player you are Collect blueprints for crafting items, search for valuable materials to advance, and level up your golem buddy. While ToGather is single-player-only at the moment, multiplayer is expected to arrive shortly, and the game looks like even more fun in co-op!


Valheim - Promotional screenshot of players sitting around a campfire

Available on …

If there’s one game on this list that you’ve heard of, it’s likely Valheim. This title has recently risen to become one of Steam’s bestsellers! It challenges you to play as a Viking in a procedurally generated open world. Everything from hunting and building a base to the end goal of the game: defeating 5 bosses inspired by Norse mythology.

You don’t have to be intimidated; surviving in Valheim is not as difficult as in other titles (like Rust or Ark: Survival Evolved). Resource gathering and the other elements of survival don’t overshadow the other aspects of gameplay that players love, namely the mystery and discovery of players who have their own unique experiences with each playthrough.


Thrive - gameplay screenshot

Available on …

In this sandbox simulation game The player has to raise his unique species on an alien planet. The planet is full of competing species, however, so you will have to fight to find your niche and survive.

Thrive maybe reminds you a little of the game Spore from 2008, And for a good reason! Thrive just has a much more in-depth system for development at the cellular level. The reviews suggest that people with an interest in biology particularly enjoy this game and that the developers obviously have a deep understanding of biology themselves.


Becastled - In-game promo screenshot

Available on …

Are you, like so many of us, fascinated by medieval castles? Then you’ll be amazed to hear that Becastled is a game that allows you to build and defend your own fantasy castle! Build your base and the surrounding village from scratch with the help of your workers and defend the “Kingdom of the Sun” from the opposing “moon warriors”.

You must Train an army and learn to survive against the sieges of your enemies. Reviews warn of optimization problems (too much CPU usage) and some bugs, especially in the night phases. But usually they enjoyed the game anyway.

Everspace 2

Everspace 2 - In-game screenshot of a player flying through the wreckage of space

Available on …

Its developers describe it as a “spaceship shooter with deep exploration” and the fans seem to mostly agree and praise the intuitive and uncomplicated controls of the game. More than one person compared it to Freelancer, a space trading game released in 2003.

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Everspace 2 challenges players to solve puzzles from the comfort of their own spaceship. build their own collection of ships, Hunt for gear to maximize their stats and trade with NPC vendors for deals on high quality items. There’s even a story mission with characters who can join your missions and determine the fate of your endgame.


Timberborn - large processing plant

Available on …

Timberborn is a city building game full of beavers. Fascinated? After the demise of mankind, beavers have become the dominant species on earth and must build their societies in order to thrive. Since you play as a beaver, the city building process focuses on things other city builders don’t, like maintaining the rivers and using wood as the primary resource.

There are so many details in beaver life that you will find it difficult to get bored – you need to keep them healthy, make plans for different seasons and organize work during the day and night. However, when you get so good that you just run the cities Has get bored, there is also a map editor! You can create your own landscapes, share them online, and use other people’s cards in your own games.

Metal Dogs - Picture your dogs in the game

Available on …

Metal Dogs is a game in which They control dogs with guns on their backs. Enough said.

But seriously, this game is a fun, crazy experience in which the various dogs compete against armored tanks and terrible mutated creatures and collect loot and weapons! You can even dress your dogs in adorable outfits like cowboy hats, halos, pumpkin masks, and more!

The genre of the game is difficult to determine; the description on Steam calls it a roguelike, but the reviews tell a different story. Some call it a classic hub-based action RPG. Others say it’s not so much an RPG as it’s just a Diablo-style equipment farm. Regardless of the technical genre, they all agreed: They loved Metal Dogs.


30XX - In-game platforming screenshot

Available on …

30XX is a successor to the popular game 20XX, which is currently only available in Early Access. It’s a platformer with fluid motion control that developers say is inspired by Mega Man X. and other titles like it, while offering the replayability of roguelikes, particularly the binding of Isaac and Dead Cells. Games often overdo their controls, but the reviews confirm these claims. Players love how smooth it feels and how to perform maneuvers that can only be called godly.

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This title comes with a level editor for players as well as multiplayer (local and online) for those nights when your friends are looking for something new to try! Plus, fans will love the delightful graphics and incredible music that is built into the gameplay.

Dyson Sphere program

Dyson Sphere Program - screenshot of the player's factory

Available on …

A “Dyson sphere” may sound familiar to you. It’s the name of a hypothetical way for humanity to never run out of power by building a giant sphere around a star, letting people live on the surface of that sphere, and extracting energy from solar power. This Early Access title lets you take control of building your very own Dyson Sphere!

Each universe you spawn into is procedurally generated, giving you a unique experience that is no different from any other player. You must use the resources available to you to build your Dyson Sphere up – Your goal is to use enough energy to run the latest AI technology. Explore planets, customize a sphere, and manage an empire in this brand new title.

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