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The 7 Best Guest Characters In Sports Games, Ranked.

Everyone loves a good guest character. Since long before the days of Fortnite, sports games have been inserting guest characters into their franchises for fun or as a way to pay tribute to legends. Sometimes the appearance makes perfect sense, and other times, the silliness and incongruity make the character’s entrance into the playing field all the more enjoyable.

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Knowing about these guest characters might entice you to check out the game if you are not a fan of the particular sport or franchise. Of all the guest characters who show up in sports titles – traditional or more modern – these take the cake.


7 Iron Man In Tony Hawk’s Underground

The Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater series is full of guest characters. From the second entry in the franchise, it treated fans to delightful unlockable skaters like Spider-Man. The third entry featured the likes of Wolverine, Darth Maul, and even the Neversoft Eyeball. In hindsight, the inclusion of Iron Man in Tony Hawk’s Underground, the fifth entry from 2003, is the most exciting cameo.

This was years before Robert Downey Jr made the character a household name. Iron Man has a slew of special tricks utilizing the suit of armor’s abilities. Due to the changing rights since 2003, it is unlikely to see Iron Man or a Marvel character in a future Tony Hawk game. We would be more than happy for another Tony Hawk game, with or without superhero guests.

6 The Beastie Boys In NBA Jam

NBA Jam famously has a slew of secret teams and players to unlock, including president Bill Clinton. When the game was remade in 2010, more guest characters were inserted to update the pop culture references, and Barack Obama and several other prominent politicians made an appearance. The legendary hip-hop group, the Beastie Boys, is an especially cool inclusion.

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The trio is known for revolutionary hip-hop albums like License to Ill and Paul’s Boutique, but it turns out they can shoot hoops with style too. They were relevant when the original game came out in 1993, but this proves their longevity and place in the pantheon of hip-hop.

5 Michael Jackson In Ready2Rumble Boxing

There’s something humorous about a guest character in a fighting game being someone completely unrelated to any combative sport. After all, anybody who signs off on it is approving of people punching their avatar in the face over and over again.

Legendary singer and performer Michael Jackson was a good sport and let the developer use him as a guest character. Michael Jackson is no stranger to video games and starred in his own video game, Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker. He even wrote music for Sonic the Hedgehog 3. The King of Pop came prepared for his appearance in the ring with an absolutely epic outfit.

4 Isaac Clarke In Skate 3

Publishers market other games inside popular releases, which often come as demos packaged within another full release. A guest spot in a video game also helps spread the word and get people excited. The Skate series is a slightly grounded answer to the absurdity of Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater.

Like its competitor franchise, it too features guest characters. One of the more memorable additions is Isaac Clarke from Dead Space in Skate 3, accessible by a simple code input. With both franchises coming back in the near future, now is as good a time as ever to reunite the two.

3 Bruce Lee In EA Sports UFC

It’s not hyperbole to call Bruce Lee the most legendary martial artist to ever live. He helped popularize it and starred in a handful of legendary action movies showingcasing his unbelievable abilities.

However, he was gone long before UFC was created, so it is hard to tell what he would have thought of the sport. We can at least get a good idea of ​​how he would have fared within the octagon with his guest appearance in EA Sports UFC. Of course, his results all depend on how well you play as him.

2 Little Mac In Fight Night Round 2

It would not be accurate to call Punch Out a boxing simulator; it is more of a puzzle game where recognizing patterns and quick reflexes are more vital to victory than actual knowledge of the sport. The game is legendary, and you probably have some affinity for it if you like boxing.

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It is wholly appropriate, then, that Little Mac, the main character from Punch Out, is an unlockable fighter in Fight Night Round 2 for the GameCube. You unlock him by completing a Punch Out minigame within the title. He looks a little different than the typical design most recognize, though.

1 Mario, Luigi, And Peach In SSX On Tour

The inhabitants of the Mushroom Kingdom are no strangers to physical activities. They have games dedicated to baseball, soccer, tennis, volleyball, and many more sports.

They don’t have a game about snowboarding, though. At least Mario, Peach, and Luigi’s inclusion as guest characters in SSX On Tour gives us a taste of how they fare on the slopes. Obviously, this is only on the GameCube version. During this era, guest characters exclusive to different platforms were somewhat common.

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