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The 5 best MTG Alchemy maps so far

Whether the players wanted it or not, Alchemy is there and affects several formats in Magic Arena. Alchemy is the latest format available exclusively online. The aim of the format was to offer an alternative to Standard, to allow players who are a bit exhausted from the stable meta to explore different decks with all new cards. While the format gave players another option, Alchemy cards may be a bit too strong across the board. There are several new rare and mythical items to choose from, so players need to be careful with their wild cards. Here are the cards everyone should grab from MTG’s newest format, Alchemy.

5. Sanguine brushstroke

Sanguine brushstroke

Get used to seeing this card in alchemy because it may be a common choice for some time. Sanguine Brushstroke is one of those cards that just builds the deck itself. Combined with The Meathook Massacre, Sanguine Brushstroke serves as the second track in a very deadly aristocratic deck. Sanguine Brushstoke creates a situation where blood markers become a real threat if they were otherwise only used to find the next answer. After all, summoning a Blood Artisan straight onto the field is what drives this card over the edge. With multiple ways to drain the opponent, the deck can attack from different angles. Until there is a card that exiles creatures and tokens, sanguine brushstroke will be a staple for the coming weeks.

4. Spirit channelers

Spirit channelers

Good thing Wizards decided to weaken Alrunds Epiphany for Alchemy because it completely dominated Standard. Now people can start playing decks with no worries – wait, wait. Epiphany has actually gotten better thanks to Geistchanneler. This human wizard brings any “big magic” strategy into playability. What makes this card a little crazier is when it’s combined with a spell recursion. For example, a player could cast a division by zero for 1 mana and then bring it back with a witness to the future to later cast another division by zero for 1 mana. Don’t forget that Time Warp is kind of back in Historic too, so don’t be surprised to see endless 3 mana extra turn spells.

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3. Persistent puppy

Stubborn puppy

Look at this little guy. An absolute aggro deck power, Tenacious Pup is a card that feels a lot stronger than it initially appears. A puppy in the first round into a werewolf pack leader in the second round is a pretty devastating start. Thanks to its creature type, Tenacious Pup has breathed new life into the werewolf deck that couldn’t quite get there in Standard. Players can choose which creatures would like vigilance and trample, which means cards like Reckless Stormchaser can become some sort of keyword soup creature. It really is the perfect card for aggressive decks.

2. Key to the archive

Key to the archive

There are many manastones in the history of Magic, but none of them offer as much value as Key to the Archive. The Archive Spellbook is filled with powerful spells that can turn the tide of any matchup. From Time Warp to Lightning Bolt, this card is the perfect control card. Players have yet to really harness the absurd power of this card. A repeating flicker effect like Teleportation Circle makes this card go absolutely crazy. Right now, players need to figure out how to stop this card when paired with Teferi, Who Slows the Sun.

1. Inquisitor captain

Inquisitor captain

Inquisitor Captain is proof that Wizards didn’t really learn from the Collected Company. It allows a player to find two random cards and always choose the best of the two for any given situation. The card is extremely flexible and allows an incredibly large variety of different decks. Clerics, humans, mono-white – all of these decks are excited to welcome you in this brand new alchemy card. Players are already deploying multiple copies of Glasspool Mimic in the hopes of copying the captain and getting more search effects. Right now, Inquisitor Captain is the most versatile and dangerous card from Alchemy: Innistrad.

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